View Full Version : New Revenge 1 vs 1 feedback.

04-06-2017, 10:59 PM
Since I'm on PS4 I'll be waiting on Sony for the new patch... I read through threads already complaining about the Damage and Defense Nerfs; however, what mostly aggravated me with revenge wasn't how powerful it made people but how quickly it could be activated when facing off 1 v 1. Has this new nerf to Revenge gained by Block reduced this? I noticed they didn't nerf revenge gained by injury so presumably they still can get revenge even when being bested..

04-06-2017, 11:03 PM
I must know this too!!!
I am the number one anti-revenge in 1v1 activist haha..

04-06-2017, 11:15 PM
Yeah, I't appears UBI's design for revenge has changed or I never understood their intent in the first place. I USED to think it was a TOOL meant to be OP in overpowering multiple enemies; however, it was only a Tool that would get unleashed when being attacked by a group... Therefore it was supposed to be a deterrent to group attacking.. With Ubit's nerf now I see it was a tool designed to make you turtle or run, and never meant to be a very effective at counter attacking the group assault. So.. Ok. Now the deterrent is to face off against a group and start attempting to team up more. Perhaps they initially designed it to be a group attack deterrent but because everyone ganked attacked anyway it just became a constant revenge fest.. NOW they are pushing players away from group assaults knowing they most likely will not succeed and this actually makes more sense. IF you can't deter people from group attacking deter the person being attacked by not making think they are invincible gods... NOW they bleed and must run.. This changes up the game because now the group fights will spread out.. people will run.. others may chase..others may stay to guard points.. BUT, It seriously should have had more attention to how its activated in the first place...Maybe I"m just imagining it but it always appeared to build quicker with multiple attackers...maybe this was just due to having numerous hits and blocks accumulate quickly... But if there design never accounted for how many people were actually being faced , then it will never be fixed for 1V1.