View Full Version : 2nd monitor while in menus

04-06-2017, 06:06 PM
I used to be able to interact with second monitor while in the menus and while matchmaking was in progress.
Now as soon as i click anything on the second monitor the game minimizes.

It was A LOT more convenient before the patch.
(have always been on fullscreen mode ; this only started to happen after this most recent patch.)

Before patch the game would act as if in windowed mode while in menus (even if set to fullscreen).
Mildly infuriating as this new behavior is a downgrade from what i thought was a brilliant idea (allowing 2nd monitor use while in menus even though set to fullscreen)
I miss old behavior, a lot.

**WOW.. now the game always starts on the wrong monitor every startup... i can change it fine in the options but next time i restart the game its back to the wrong monitor... (weird as the default monitor is still fine in nvidia control panel.)

Well this is a disappointment.