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04-06-2017, 12:10 PM
So, recently i played through the SP-campaign. Since I've played in several early tests I didn't feel like I needed an extended tutorial for the game.

The SP campaign gives ~9 crates if completed at realism, it's not as hard as it sounds. If you haven't done it, play it.

Anyway, as I made my way through the story I found two things that was clearly different from the multiplayer. There might be more, but these were the only one's I found and reacted to.

Orochi top light after rush.
I found this one while playing the Orochi. As I had not picked up the hero before (since it's considered cheap) I thought that against bots on realism I would try out the tactics I hate it when Orochi is using against me. So, one by one i looked them up and tried them out. Mostly it went fairly well. Reflex blocking was the hardest part since I don't play assassins regularly. However, one thing did not work.
After the Storm Rush, Orochi will do a small jump to the side, after which the two top light hits are guaranteed. At least that is true in the multiplayer, i have never been able to, nor have i ever seen anyone else defend against those hits in any way. When I tried to do it in SP it got blocked almost every time and even parried once by a bot Orochi. After clearing the level I went back on easy to get all the collectibles, and got the same result. So, wanting to figure out if this was just me playing poorly or if there is a real difference to how the heroes play in the different modes I jumped into duel with my weak-*** Orochi to try it out on an unsuspecting playerbase. Guess what? Not a single block, no evade and most certainly no parries. I also found out that the Orochi is damn easy to win with, but that is another story.

Nobushi light attack after kick.
Nobushi kicks like a mule, and if you miss the evade you're not only taking two kicks to the face, you're also eating a guaranteed light attack with bleed properties. But only if you play multiplayer. Believe me, I play mostly heavy heroes with crappy dodge, I have taken many kicks to the face during these last two months. I found this out as I was playing Valkyrie, infiltrating the Samurai HQ in search of maps. As I came face to face with a Nobushi and found myself on the receiving end of her lower body I hammered evade in frustration, knowing full well that the follow-up light would drain my last HP and make me start all over again. To my surprise Valk swiftly jumped to the side and completely evaded the attack. Stunned by my unexpected success I was unable to block the next attack and died anyway, but kept what had happened in mind. Next Nobushi, I took the kick on purpose just so verify and easily dodged the follow-up.
Granted, I don't play Valk in multiplayer much either (same reason as Orochi). but this was completely new to me.

Are there more mechanics that are different? Can someone varify Valk/Nobushi?

04-06-2017, 01:02 PM
Never dodged the nobushi but in single player the top attack after the kick is blockable so I had pretty much just taken the kick, block, hit back.