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04-05-2017, 07:47 PM
Look in my opinion, it is a good thing to play honorably in a duel or a brawl. However, when your team is down two rounds to 0 you should be thinking more about winning the fight instead of following some ******** code of honor that will end up costing not only yourself but your teammate a win. If your in a situation where you are losing and your teammate is about to die, why in the hell would you just sit there and let it happen?

04-05-2017, 09:17 PM
All these fantasy rules really do my head in. It's really ruined Brawl as a game mode for me. There's no logic or common sense in playing a 2 vs 2 team mode game as an individual, where you care more about showing your enemy respect than you do that your friend / partner / ally is having their head cut off ... what? Huh? :rolleyes:

Case in point, tonight I did some Brawls for the 400 Steel Daily Order (otherwise I wouldn't have) and got a match where in Round 1 my Valkyrie partner died instantly and I had to fight and kill 2 opponents. This is okay, fine for me to win the round for her, carry her, and make up for her inability to fight her way out of a paper bag. Honourable for me to do all the work? Really? Oookay.

Let's accept that and on to Round 2. She kills her opponent and I am struggling with mine. She watches. Now it's okay for me to die, and her to do nothing at all to help me, a complete reversal of the scenario in Round 1. When it's her turn to help me out, no, because of some misguided sense of 'honour' she just watches. I die, then she dies. Bravo! Your honour cost us the round.

When did it become honourable to watch someone who has just helped you die when you could have helped them? When did your opponents respect become more important than your team mates life? Why is okay to deliberately lose rounds that you could have won? Why would you act as though the person on your side is someone who's fate you care nothing about, when the actual point of the mode is that two of you entered together as a team.

04-05-2017, 09:42 PM
sorry for my brevity -

I treat my brawl partner like an assigned buddy, not a real teammate, due to the fact in the next round the teams can change. in light of that I like to let them handle themselves and if they lose their head while I watch, I'm ok with it.

I'm here to see who is the better fighter, not necessarily to win by any means. to me, winning by any means would imply that I care more about my stats than I do my experience.

more fun for me to play this way (and I've encountered many brawlers that also do this)

a nice change of pace from the other modes that devolve into a gang-bang cluster**** 90% of the time.

04-06-2017, 12:15 AM
I like the idea of "honorable" kills in Brawl Mode, just for immersion purposes. :o
It seems, in my experience, that the majority of the "brawlers" in this game too.There is also the fact that the game engine recognizes the 1v1 kills as a 'honorable kill' - let's just forget for a moment that the same game engine allows you to throw the enemy off the cliff and still counts it as a 'honorable kill'. :rolleyes:

That being said - in the current state of Brawl Mode - I don't think you should simply assume not to help your partner when he needs help (aka: is about to die) because *insert w/e reason you might have*, unless both you and your partner agreed to it before the match starts. When you play any team-based game you have a primary commitment to your teammate(s) and to win the match, not yourself. If you are a selfish player incapable of realize this point... it's ok too, but I suggest you go play the Duel Mode instead.

As I said, I vastly prefer 2x(1x1 duels) in Brawl mode, but I'm wrong if I assume my partner also do. The mode was not designed for it.

Now, a suggestion to Ubisoft to fix this situation, segregate Brawl Mode in two different modes (similar to what we have for Deathmatch):

MODE1: our current Brawl mode (when 100% of the time you can assume it will be 2 against 2 at ALL times, and if you are not playing it this way you are doing it wrong)
MODE2: a new 2x2 mode, but this time the map is closed in a way that you only have access to your opponent, once you kill your opponent and the other duel also finishes the map opens and a third final battle (or not, if you both win) will take place

Meantime, a simple: "hey, lets do 2x2 or 2x(duels)?" to your partner before the match would avoid A LOT of hate.