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Hello, i wanted to create this thread since i recognize that part of the appeal of the series relies on the fact that it's a global series, and i'm in fact curious whether you have personal headcanons about what would an AC story set in your country would be like, with a personal story and a custom protagonist.

This is NOT as wishlist, just a self-contained (unless you don't want it to) chapter within the series (with total creative freedom, as long as you don't contradict any existing lore).


So this is my concept: An Assassin's Creed story set during the 19th Century Venezuelan War of Independence.

-Assassin: The protagonist would be a wealthy young man in his early twenties, heir to a respected business, accompanied by his 3 years younger sister, both of whom possess an acute sense of business. Both were tutored in their early years by their parents, with the young man being trained in sword combat by an instructor on his own initiative, and studying politics and law in his spare time, aware of the fragile political situation of the country, with their parents intending the young man to inherit the business with his sister being his advisor and partner. Both of their parents died 6 years before the story begins. His uniform is black with touches of blue and a red sash, with a slight militaristic touch (not including those ridiculous Spanish shoulder pads, think of George Westhouse's Syndicate uniform) and with a blue mask covering his lower face. By the time the story starts he is already an accomplished Assassin, and his sister handles the business while he's not available (doing his duties for the Assassins).

-Setting: The main city would be Caracas, which admittedly is not very interesting in terms of architecture, but would be pretty lively, if still divided by the working class and the upper class, with slavery being an issue tackled by the protagonist. The Llanos would also be a visitable location, with several optional and main mission taking him to other Venezuelan locales like cities or towns, or even jungles. It would also feature important figures like Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Miranda. The game would span from 1808 to 1825, with an epilogue set in 1835.


-Background/Personality: The Assassin would be a smart driven/serious young man, with an inquisitive mind, but with wit, and a playful sense of humor when the situation calls for it (a slightly less serious and less naive Connor). He is hardworking and a realist, seeing the world with grey instead of black and white. Even though he was raised in a loving home and had everything he ever needed, he was not spoiled, as his parents taught him not rely on his status, as they were of humble beginnings themselves and to realize that all of it could disappear in an instant, and to be respectful of his peer, blind of class. His romantic skills were decent but his duty left him little time for those things so he would only charm upper class women for secrets. His family possessed no slaves, but the young man found a friend as a child with an African boy that served a family that was disliked by the young man family for their rather above-average elitism. The young man would see the young slave behind the back of his slavers, and even though they grew close, the young slave was beaten and shipped away after they found his father stealing food for him, for which he was killed. This sparked an intense dislike for slavery in the young man. He is loyal to his allies and his mentor, but recognized that following the rules completely by the book would not always complete the objectives, and he knew when to break them, not believing in blind obedience and preferring to draw his own conclusions, while still holding a strong belief in Assassin ideals . He has a loving relationship with his sister, who is pretty calm but also very clever and knows how to read people and to defuse a tense situation with a keen business sense.

The young man suffered when his parents died in 1802 from a supposed sickness (no Templat involvement, so no revenge story), leaving the 17 year old young man and his 14 year old sister orphans, but since they learned quite a lot they could maintain their family's business, barely, but gaining experience with the years. During three years the young man witnessed various unpunished crimes going around the city, with guards harassing common civilians, plantation owners beating their slaves, but what really affected the young man was when he learned that an upper class nobleman raping his daughter, something the young man heard from one of his slaves. And despite his knowledge about law he could not find a way to bring justice to the city, specially since the nobleman was a close friend of the Spanish Court, and the entire country is suppressed by the Spanish Crown. Three years after his parents death he decided he could no longer withstand the depravities that he had discovered, so he decided to sneak inside the man's house with a knife in hand and a mask on his face, but by the time he reached the man's room he discovered a bloody room with man and his personal guards dead, with a hooded picture with a mask covering the lower side of his face holding and comforting the man's daughter, with the young man asking the hooded figure whether he did it, but he made a run for it out of a window, and the young man decided to give chase to the hooded figure, following his lead but not quite catching him due to his superior skill and speed, until the hooded figure reached a dead end, with the hooded figure and the young man drawing swords on each other, and despite their even skill (with the hooded figure actually looking impressed rather than worried), the match ended when the hooded figure used a smoke bomb and disappeared, but not without the young man noticing a an old coin on the ground, a coin that was used for a short time in a respected bank in Caracas. A few days later the young man visited that same bank, looking for clues to that same man's identity. He was received by a strangely familiar and friendly man, asking for his business, and after the young man showed him the coin the man smiled, and led him to a room where he would supposedly find the owner of that old coin, but he was knocked out and woke up with a bag on his head inside a chamber, tied to a chair in front of 3 hooded people on both sides and one in front of him, wearing a more elaborate uniform than the rest, but this time recognizing one of the figures, one of the figures on his left was the hooded figure he chased a few days before was the same man that led him into the room, smiling, and recognizing two of the other figures as former clients. The hooded man in front of him asked the smiling man whether the young man was who he was talking about. Over the next few days the man was introduced to the philosophy of the Assassins, the Templars and their objectives, with the man, with a desire to improve the condition of his homeland, however the methods, joined the Assassins, becoming an active and one of their more skilled members, earning the respect of his mentor and some of his peers. His sister wholeheartedly supports him, taking over of the business when his other responsibilities clash, even if she worries about his somewhat workaholic tendencies to his Assassin duties, while also fighting suitors who want to take over their business at the same time.

-Story: The story would begin with the young man attending his business on the upper class section of Caracas during the day, but night falls and he puts on his uniform to complete his current investigations on a secret matter by his mentor. The story would include flashbacks about the time covering the time between his parent's death and his present mission, included the background detailed above. The story would depict a grey conflict between the Assassins and the Templars, with both sides possessing roughly the same power and having former members of the other faction who changed their ideals (the Assassin mentor being a former Templar who was disillusioned with the way the Grand Master of his time handled this things, being a radical Templar, but because and despite this he is not entirely trusted by all of his subordinates or Mentors from other countries branches). The story would also include a side story about a young Templar whole wholeheartedly believes in the Templars philosophy (in moderation, not complete control and dominion), who strikes a relationship of mutual respect with the Young Assassin, though their relationship was not looked upon positively by their associates.
With the War and its consequences being ever present in the country starting two years after the start of the game (which the first two sequences covering the Young Man and his relationship with his sister, fellow Assassins and his responsibility as a business owner) the Young Assassin tends to his duties such as taking care of his targets carefully and making contacts (including people from other countries) that help find find socially damaging individuals and the scum of society. The Templars in this story are more moderate and have an despite some of their more morally questionable members, they feel some respect for the Assassins, since in this story their methods are not very different.

He would also have to sort out extremists on the brotherhood, and working a both diplomatic and forceful ways to free slaves. A few of his contacts would also include militaristic figures, that would employ him as a hitman for Spanish military leaders, but leaving their stance after they began taking him for granted (but maintaining a formal but friendly relationship with Simon Bolivar). Half the story would be about improving the country's situation (with the protagonist focusing on this) and the other half would be about the conflict for a Piece of Eden between the factions (secondary concern for the protagonist, since he's a man of the people). The story would be that of duty and compromise, rather than revenge.

http://historynewsnetwork.org/sites/default/files/Simn_Bol%C3%ADvar_2.jpghttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/-wA-OaC2bJmM/Tle98qIMhqI/AAAAAAAAEWw/LD5twbut13U/s1600/Carabobo.%2BMart%25C3%25ADn%2BTovar%2By%2BTovarpng .png

-Equipment/Skills: The Young Assassin prefers to fight with a style of dual wielding a sword on his right hand and a short blade on his left, while also possessing twin flintlock pistols, Dual Hidden Blades, smoke bombs, throwing knives with smaller poisoned variants. He is also an accomplished Traceur, with experience from where he used to sneak into his former friend's plantation owner, with further training after joining the Assassins. He has a very analytical mind, with possessing a lot of knowledge about politics and law, and with Eagle Vision.

-Mechanics: The game would have 14 sequences, with a Day/Night cycle and time events based on the time of the day, some of them already present in previous games, such as Beating unfaithful husbands, kidnapping mercenaries and Officers for information. It would also include the ability to Free Roam with civilian clothes, and during the day you could also find business contacts around the city, with a feature for managing the protagonist's business, earning money for the business and separating the funds between managing it for investment on other businesses and individuals, and funds for everyday Assassin equipment, modifying the outfit, buying ammunition, decorating the Protagonist's Business (which also doubles and his home). It would also include hitman missions for his military allies, with some of those missions taking him to major battles, like the Battle of Carabobo or the Battle of Lake Maracaibo. The missions could also take him to a variety of locations, like jungles or ships in the middle of naval battles.

Sorry for such a long post, the concept became really close to me. I know there are a few details missing, but i came up with these concept in just a couple of hours, i might iron out the details and add a few things in the future if i come out with something interesting.

Thank you for reading this if you reached this point, i'm looking forward to read your stories.

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Back in November 2016, I thought of a Canadian ac game's md that could happen.

The thing is, there has already sort of been 2 ac games in md. The first was black flag, with it's md being set in Montreal, which is the Canadian capital, if not Quebec's capital (yea, I know I'm not good in geography, but feel free to correct me) the second was ac rogue with it's md set in the exact same place ...


...but with at least some of it's citys in at least the north Atlantic area, like Perce being cities from Canada, Quebec.

Another thing is that Canada is not really the best place for ac games, from my point of view. We didn't really do that much war comparing to other contries and when we sent soldiers to war we did so less that in our history class in school, our teachers don't even tell us what Canadian did during the wars and tell us what other countries did there instead. Also, since the Canada have begining to exist as Canada there as never actually been a real war on our ground.

So, since nothing really interesting for Assassin's creed has ever happened in Canada, I guess the best Canada only game that could actually happen would surely at least mostly be an ac game set in modern day. So that the subject of that text I wrote on this forum, back in November. If you want to read it anyway, it's what I puted below


"I remember reading in the syndicate's database the Violet Da Costa is a canadien. So, the usual "rule" of the md being set in the same country as the past days (ex. Ac ii (if I'm correct), b, iii, maybe unity (after all, we still don't know from where did Bishop communicated with us) and syndicate) could apply, for that reason. Violet could be visiting her parents, after having took a vacation. Then, Shaun and Rebecca arrive to kill her. Violet would then flee and with her having to do so the quickest way possible, she didn't have the time needed to take her things. Then, while Shaun and Rebecca inspect her things, they discover that she was able to be on vacation, only for a day. She then had to try to do something the Templars, more precisely, one of her ancester, have already tried in the past, separate the Quebec from the Canada. Her mission : make security system for the government, which would give information to the Templars and which would be used against them, to make them lose more than enough votes for a government wanting to separate, to be elected.

The new government had made a deal with the Templars. They have a piece of eden in their possetion and if the Templars make them win the next election of Quebec, they would be giving it to them. The piece of eden is the Koh-i-noor, which the Templars have been searching for years. This could make the balance moving in the faction that obtain and so, is the reason why the Templars want to give it another try. shaun and Rebecca immediately inform William Miles which then make some of the best Assassins available, come to Quebec. Some will focuse on stoping the Templars, while others will try to find in the helix, the memories of the ancester of Violet that met the last possessor of the Koh-i-noor. That, would be the first game, about that md story.

The second game could finnish that md story, by making the past day be the one of an Assassin that fought Violet's Templar ancester and killed him, which would kill the Templars allies we got in the first of the 2 games.

The second Assassins team, after having found that member of the government that met Violet's Ancester, in the first game which didn't know about the Koh-i-noor which was stolen from his family long ago, have been continuing to incestigate and breaking the surveillance system, in the other governments houses and offices.

The Assassins team now have to search for that thieve who stole the Koh-i-noor. That person happenned to have delivered it to another member of the same government, who then, in the past days, disapeared after thieve and the Assassin falled from the top of a building to then be bumped by a car/other vehicle. Which have puted the Assassininto a coma from which he died (yes, I know we can't dye because of a coma, it's just that he died while being in that same coma).

Then the 2 team of Assassins do a meeting and the the chief of the 2 team togeter, go capture the descendant of that member of the government, which now have the Koh-i-noor, bring it to a secret place and interogate him/her to know where did he hide the Koh-i-noor. The Assassins go get it, which let us on what I think could be a cliffhanger about "what will the Assassins do with that piece of eden?". "

What do you think of it? ^-^

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Well, ACIII and Rogue already did my country, but I guess we could do a different time period.

I think a really cool time would be 1920s gangland America. Set the majority of the game in Chicago, but have a few other sections of cities we could visit as well such as New York.

I think that in many ways, this could be an interesting continuation of AC Syndicate, actually. Decades following the Templars' loss of London,we see the them redoubling their efforts for control in the United States. Replicating the strategies used in London, the Assassins and Templars begin using gangs to fight each other.

Now, I don't know a ton about this period in time, but some interesting things, topics, and random ideas that could be covered (though keep in mind, some of the more tragic moments should be covered carefully)
- Flagpole-sitting Assassins
- Prohibition
- Extreme wealth vs extreme poverty
- Jazz
-St. Valentines Day Massacre
- - Black Tuesday

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AC already did my country with Syndicate, but if they ever did London again, I would want them to use Samuel Pepys's diaries as the basis. I've hidden the diary entries in spoiler tags to make this post more readable.

Pepys was writing his diaries in London during the latter half of the 1600s. The ones we have run for a decade from 1st January 1660 for about ten years. He had a very good job working for the Admiralty as the Chief Treasury Administrator, a position that gave him good social status: access to all aspects of shipping, trade and the military, and also meant that he brushed shoulders with all kinds of Londoners, from the poorer people right up to the King himself. Pepys's diaries famously record every aspect of his life, his associates' lives, and events in London and the world. His accounts are chief items of evidence in the historical record of events such as the beheading of Charles I and the subsequent return to the throne of Charles II, the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.


Pepys himself is a very colourful character. He loves drink, good food, the arts, and cheating on his wife. This keeps him out of the house and thus his servant staff have unusual leeway with regard to fastidiousness and punctuality. London itself is a very suitable location for an AC game at this point in history. Street lighting is sparse, and many poorer boys make their living as "linkboys": walking guides who were paid to walk with their clients, and lit the way with a lantern on a pole (for hire like a kind of walking taxi service). For an Assassin character sneaking around the streets, this would be an ideal situation. There are obvious ways you could make missions interesting using linkboys too, whether hiring them yourself, or for following targets in a more interesting kind of stalking quest.

The reason Pepys would be a good focus is not so much for Pepys himself as for his manservant. Pepys was a middle-class man made good, who had risen to a high status (not as high as even minor aristocrats, but only just below). In the social tradition of the day, a well-to-do member of the upper-middle class would take on the children of lower middle-class families not just as his servants, but also as something close to adopted children. These servants would be educated thanks to their employers' grace, and servants who showed particular promise might even be helped into the master's trade. So it was with Pepys' main manservant (a position simply referred to as "my man" by a master), a teenager named Will Hewer, who would rise from servitude to join Pepys in the Admiralty and eventually become very rich. By the time of his death, he owned an estate that he used as a country retreat, he had a seat on the Royal Navy's Special Commission, and he had been a Member of Parliament. Hewer was of such elevated status that, when he was 47, he had his portrait painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller:


Wherever Pepys went, Hewer would often be there. When the exiled Charles II was about to make his move to reclaim the British throne, it was Pepys and Hewer who went in secret to join him on his boat and pave the way for his return.

It's impossible to read Pepys's diaries and not become fascinated by Will Hewer, especially if you're a fan of the Assassin's Creed series. Hewer would be an ideal Assassin. For one thing, a regular feature of Pepys's diary entries are his exasperated rants at the continual disappearances of Hewer, especially at night. Hewer is a terrible servant in many ways. Pepys is unsure if the boy is lazy or simply overtired from his mysterious exploits. Often, Hewer will go missing, only for some other person to appear at Pepys's door apologising for Hewer's absence. A regular excuse would be the illness of one or other of Hewer's relatives...

4 August 1660
I heard a man inquire for my house, and having asked his business, he told me that my man William (who went this morning — out of town to meet his aunt Blackburne) was come home not very well to his mother, and so could not come home to-night. At which I was very sorry.

17 Jul 1660
Will, Mr. Blackburne’s nephew, is so obedient, that I am greatly glad of him. At night he and I and Mrs. Hunt home by water to Westminster.

I to my Lord, and after having done some business with him in his chamber in the Nursery, which has been now his chamber since he came from sea, I went on foot with a linkboy to my home, where I found my wife in bed and Jane washing the house, and Will the boy sleeping, and a great deal of sport I had before I could wake him. I to bed the first night that I ever lay here with my wife.

11 August 1660
I was vexed this night that W. Hewer was out of doors till ten at night but was pretty well satisfied again when my wife told me that he wept because I was angry, though indeed he did give me a good reason for his being out; but I thought it a good occasion to let him know that I do expect his being at home.

26 Sept 1660
So home thinking to have found Will at home, but he not being come home but gone somewhere else I was very angry, and when he came did give him a very great check for it, and so I went to bed.

19 Apr 1661
So home, and having staid awhile till Will came in (with whom I was vexed for staying abroad), he comes and then I went by water to my father’s, and then after supper to bed with my wife.

27 April 1663
After being a while at my office home to supper and to bed, my Will being come home again after being at his father’s all the last week taking physique.
["Physique", pronounced "fizzik", was the term for medicine in the parlance of the day.]

And here's where it gets more interesting. Hewer's main mutual social connection is a man with a name that should make AC fans sit up and pay attention: Mr. John Creed. Yes, really. Creed's name is too perfect, when you consider how many people are called "Baker" because their ancestor was a great mediaeval baker, or "Merchant" due to a forebear's adoption of their profession as a name for their family. Creed is clearly a tight associate of Hewer's parents:

18 Oct 1660
So to my Lord’s, where I spoke with my Lord, and he would have had me dine with him, but I went thence to Mr. Blackburne, where I met my wife and my Will’s father and mother (the first time that ever I saw them), where we had a very fine dinner. Mr. Creed was also there. This day by her high discourse I found Mrs. Blackburne to be a very high dame and a costly one.

Responsibility for Hewer appears to be shouldered by Hewer's uncle Robert Blackborne (referred to as "Blackburne" by Pepys), who is constantly apologetic for Hewer's lapses (so, yet another possible Assassin?). It gets even better when you examine the name of more of Pepys's "boys" and maids: none other than Birch (William, Wayneman and Jane)!

9 February 1661
To my Lord’s with Mr. Creed (who was come to me this morning to get a bill of imprest signed), and my Lord being gone out he and I to the Rhenish wine-house with Mr. Blackburne. To whom I did make known my fears of Will’s losing of his time, which he will take care to give him good advice about.

10 May 1661
This afternoon came Mr. Blackburn and Creed to see me, and I took them to the Dolphin, and there drank a great deal of Rhenish wine with them and so home, having some talk with Mr. Blackburn about his kinsman my Will, and he did give me good satisfaction in that it is his desire that his kinsman should do me all service, and that he would give him the best counsel he could to make him good. Which I begin of late to fear that he will not because of the bad company that I find that he do begin to take.

9 February 1661
To my Lord’s with Mr. Creed (who was come to me this morning to get a bill of imprest signed), and my Lord being gone out he and I to the Rhenish wine-house with Mr. Blackburne. To whom I did make known my fears of Will’s losing of his time, which he will take care to give him good advice about.

Saturday 3 October 1663
Up, being well pleased with my new lodging and the convenience of having our mayds and none else about us, Will lying below. So to the office, and there we sat full of business all the morning. At noon I home to dinner, and then abroad to buy a bell to hang by our chamber door to call the mayds. Then to the office, and met Mr. Blackburne, who came to know the reason of his kinsman (my Will) his being observed by his friends of late to droop much. I told him my great displeasure against him and the reasons of it, to his great trouble yet satisfaction, for my care over him, and how every thing I said was for the good of the fellow, and he will take time to examine the fellow about all, and to desire my pleasure concerning him, which I told him was either that he should became a better servant or that we would not have him under my roof to be a trouble.

Wednesday 28 October 1663
Up and at my office all the morning, and at noon Mr. Creed came to me and dined with me, and after dinner Murford came to me and he and I discoursed wholly upon his breach of contract with us. After that Mr. Creed and I abroad, I doing several errands, and with him at last to the great coffee-house, and there after some common discourse we parted and I home, paying what I owed at the Mitre in my way, and at home Sympson the joyner coming he set up my press for my cloaks and other small things, and so to my office a little, and to supper, and to bed. This morning Mr. Blackburne came to me, and telling me what complaints Will made of the usage he had from my wife and other discouragements, and, I seeing. him, instead of advising, rather favouring his kinsman, I told him freely my mind, but friendlily, and so we have concluded to have him have a lodging elsewhere, and that I will spare him 15l. of his salary, and if I do not need to keep another 20l..

31 Oct 1663
My greatest trouble and my wife’s is our family, mighty out of order by this fellow Will’s corrupting the mayds by his idle talke and carriage, which we are going to remove by hastening him out of the house, which his uncle Blackburne is upon doing, and I am to give him 20l. per annum toward his maintenance.

And perhaps yet more people are providing alibis for Hewer?

16 March 1661
So home, and was very much troubled that Will staid out late, and went to bed early, intending not to let him come in, but by and by he comes and I did let him in, and he did tell me that he was at Guildhall helping to pay off the seamen, and cast the books late. Which since I found to be true. So to sleep, being in bed when he came.
More annoying than Hewer's late night excursions are the times when Pepys goes out to socialise with his important friends, and discovers his servant engaged in conversation with them...

31 March 1661
So home and finding Will abroad at Sir W. Batten’s talking with the people there (Sir W. and my Lady being in the country), I took occasion to be angry with him, and so to prayers and to bed.

Hewer becomes a headache for more than just his absences and time-keeping. Within a year of service in Pepys's household, his master is vexed about Hewer's sartorial choices and the "bad company" he keeps (and for AC's purposes, that bad company would obviously be Assassins). With his earnings and growing status, Hewer accquires a surliness and swagger that threatens Pepys's authority; soon he declares that he "will not be treated like a slave", and Pepys is forced to find him new lodgings outside of the house for fear that his cockiness is a corrupting influence upon the maids.

20 Oct 1661
At home in bed all the morning to ease my late tumour, but up to dinner and much offended in mind at a proud trick my man Will hath got, to keep his hat on in the house, but I will not speak of it to him to-day; but I fear I shall be troubled with his pride and laziness, though in other things he is good enough.

Monday 24 Feb 1661
So home and to supper, and then called Will up, and chid him before my wife for refusing to go to church with the maids yesterday, and telling his mistress that he would not be made a slave of, which vexes me. So to bed.

8 Jun 1662
Home, and observe my man Will to walk with his cloak flung over his shoulder, like a Ruffian, which, whether it was that he might not be seen to walk along with the footboy, I know not, but I was vexed at it; and coming home, and after prayers, I did ask him where he learned that immodest garb, and he answered me that it was not immodest, or some such slight answer, at which I did give him two boxes on the ears, which I never did before, and so was after a little troubled at it.

27 Aug 1662
After I had wrote this at my office (as I have of late altogether done since my wife has been in the country) I went into my house, and Will having been making up books at Deptford with other clerks all day, I did not think he was come home, but was in fear for him, it being very late, what was become of him. But when I came home I found him there at his ease in his study, which vexed me cruelly, that he should no more mind me, but to let me be all alone at the office waiting for him. Whereupon I struck him, and did stay up till 12 o’clock at night chiding him for it, and did in plain terms tell him that I would not be served so, and that I am resolved to look out some boy that I may have the bringing up of after my own mind, and which I do intend to do, for I do find that he has got a taste of liberty since he came to me that he will not leave. Having discharged my mind, I went to bed.

Tuesday 7 April 1663
Up very betimes, and angry with Will that he made no more haste to rise after I called him.

31 May 1663
My whole family lying longer this morning than was fit, and besides Will having neglected to brush my clothes, as he ought to do, till I was ready to go to church, and not then till I bade him, I was very angry, and seeing him make little matter of it, but seeming to make it a matter indifferent whether he did it or no, I did give him a box on the ear, and had it been another day should have done more. This is the second time I ever struck him.

Sunday 27 September 1663
(Lord’s day). Lay chatting with my wife a good while, then up and got me ready and to church, without my man William, whom I have not seen to-day, nor care, but would be glad to have him put himself far enough out of my favour that he may not wonder to have me put him away.

But Pepys does not fire Hewer, therefore Hewer must have been doing his job pretty well. Or, for the purposes of a story, you could write it so that he was persuaded by somebody.

In yet more assassin-esque intrigue, whistle-blowers try to warn Pepys that something is up with his assistant, a situation that offers further ammunition to an AC plot about the Order: allegations of espionage and the selling of secrets...

Wednesday 8 January 1661/62
I rose and went to Westminster Hall, and there walked up and down upon several businesses, and among others I met with Sir W. Pen, who told me that he had this morning heard Sir G. Carteret extremely angry against my man Will that he is every other day with the Commissioners of Parliament at Westminster, and that his uncle was a rogue, and that he did tell his uncle every thing that passes at the office, and Sir William, though he loves the lad, did advise me to part with him, which did with this surprise mightily trouble me, though I was already angry with him, and so to the Wardrobe by water, and all the way did examine Will about the business, but did not tell him upon what score, but I find that the poor lad do suspect something.

More allegations of Will's corruption in connection with Sir G. Carteret...

Saturday 17 October 1663
Up and to my office, and there we sat a very full board all the morning upon some accounts of Mr. Gauden’s. Here happened something concerning my Will which Sir W. Batten would fain charge upon him, and I heard him mutter something against him of complaint for his often receiving people’s money to Sir G. Carteret, which displeased me much, but I will be even with him.

Yet, when others explode with anger against Will and accuse him of wrongdoing, Pepys is quick to take his side:

Saturday 23 May 1663
Waked this morning between four and five by my blackbird, which whistles as well as ever I heard any; only it is the beginning of many tunes very well, but there leaves them, and goes no further. So up and to my office, where we sat, and among other things I had a fray with Sir J. Minnes in defence of my Will in a business where the old coxcomb would have put a foot upon him, which was only in Jack Davis and in him a downright piece of knavery in procuring a double ticket and getting the wrong one paid as well as the second was to the true party. But it appeared clear enough to the board that Will was true in it.

Eventually, after a good amount of warnings and much provocation, Pepys finally forces Hewer to move to new lodgings:

6 Nov 1663
This morning Mr. Blackburne came to me to let me know that he had got a lodging very commodious for his kinsman, and so he is ready at my pleasure to go when I would bid him, and so I told him that I would in a day or two send to speak with him and he and I would talk and advise Will what to do, of which I am very glad.

Although Pepys reports pleasure on this development at first, he is soon sad to see Hewer go. In an AC game story, this would be a great moment for the protagonist as he/she would have a new home all alone, and would be free of some of Pepys's attention. It would give the player their first independent "HQ". It also marks a new phase in their relationship towards something much more respectful; Pepys treats Hewer as much more of a man than a boy, and teaches him a great deal of new skills in accountancy, Latin and Greek. Hewer is given more responsibilities with the movement of money, and works on bigger contracts than ever he had before.

To read of Pepys's frustrations with his staff and his wife is to observe a man who seems to be the patsy in a conspiracy involving everyone but him. He curses his luck that every new staff member referred to him from these other families turns out to be just as distracted and unknowable as Hewer himself. One time, he even spots his manservant scurrying across the rooftops with the grace and athleticism of some half-human animal: wink, wink. For an AC game, what if this was because all of them were being brought in from Assassin families by this mysterious Mr. Creed?

You can take your pick of any of the great events of this period in either Britain or France: Hewer can be there. Pepys's wife was French, and their marriage was rather strained. Often, his wife had to go to stay with relatives for the sake of her frustration with Pepys, and on many of these jaunts Will would go with her. In fact, Will would accompany Mrs. Pepys so much in London and on these jaunts away from home that Mr. Pepys's suspicions would be aroused. This provides many opportunities for a fictionalised Assassin version of Hewer to be away for some days in another location.


Mrs. Elizabeth Pepys, née St. Michel

04-07-2017, 07:54 PM
Well my setting would be the Chola Empire of Southern India, most western people do not know about the rich history and culture of Southern India (Vastly different from the Northern Part of the country)

The Chola Empire

The Chola Empire is one of the greatest empires in history of Southern India, with their influence even found today in far reaching lands including, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (One of the official languages of Singapore is the Chola language Tamil )

The Cholas were great Builders , building magnificent temple structures out of single rocks , Each temple comes with a towering structure called Gopuram, here is an image of the same

Figure 1: Kambashwera Chola Temple

Architecture Cities were built around Temple

1. The temple served as a place of religious practice , being at the centre of the city

2. The direction of travel towards each city was identified by the Gopurams

3. The temples provided free food to the people of the city, people would gather in huge numbers to enjoy the food

4. The wealth of the kingdom was protected within the temple, to an extent

5. The residence of the loyal family were built opposite in a straight road to the temple entrance in each city.

Weapons / Martial Arts

A traditional martial art of the region called Silambam was practiced my both men and ladies

There were various weapons involved , I list some of them here

1. Silambam (The primary weapon after which the art is named after) (Long pole made of Bamboo)

Figure 2: A Male practitioner
Figure 3: A Female practitioner

2. Kattari (You might have noticed it in Brahman Comic)

Figure 4: An ornamental Kattari, with an inscription of God Hanuman

3. Sural Vazh / Urmi (The rotating (Sural) sword (Vazh)

This comes in two variants
Figure 5: Multi Blade variant

Figure 6:Single Blade Variant

This was the most difficult weapon to master , due to high potential for self injury


This came in varied Sizes
Figure 7: Long Aruval

Arts / Sculpting

Some the best bronze sculptures in India can be traced back to Cholas, including the famous Natraja

Figure 8: Chola Sculptures

Some Art from the Chola period

Figure 9: Chola art on Walls
Figure 10: Chola art on Walls


The angor wat in cambodia, is a great example of Chola influence
Figure 11: Angor Wat Cambodia

The Chola kingdom was one that began around 300 BC and lasted upto late 1200 A.D

The empire was a great patron of literature , art and culture, that has influenced Southern India till date. Their temple in Thanjavur is a UNESCO World heritage site


Figure 12: The Grand Thanjavur temple

It would be my dream setting, has all the rich historical elements an AC game needs

Raja Raja Cholan (Translating to Chola's king of Kings) (Born: Arulmozhivarman)

The builder of the majestic Thanjavur, temple hailed as the greatest emperor of the Chola period

Figure 13: Raja Raja Cholan sculpture

His conquest ranges from Kalinga in the north to Sri Lanka in the south, During his time influence of the Empire reached across seas to Cambodia, Indonesia , Maldives, his reign is considered the peak of the Chola Empire

Raja Raja Cholan was born as Arul Mozhi Varman , he had two siblings, Aditya Karikalan (elder brother) and Kundavai( YoungerSister). His life story was a great balance of freindship and betrayal

His brother who was heir to the throne was assassinated by his brother's former lover. Thus the younger Raja Raja took over the empire at a state of Chaos.

His aide and close friend Vandhiyathevan married his sister eventually, and they all became family

Novel adaptation of Raja Raja's story

In 1900s the story of Raja Raja Ascenion was told in a series of Novels called "Ponniyin Selvan" (Son of Ponni)

Wikipedia-ponniyin Selvan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponniyin_Selvan)

English translations of the novel are available at
Ponniyin Selvan - English Translation (https://www.amazon.com/Ponniyin-Selvan-First-floods/dp/0333933095/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=)

Here is the lineage of Characters that lead to Raja Raja Cholan's Destiny

Figure 14: Chola lineage and Characters

All the characters are given depth in the Novel, a must read to understand the setting

The possible lead characters for an AC game

1. The king himself

2. Vandhiyathevan (The friend of the king and husband of the princess) - He is a warrior and general

3. Princess Kundhavai (Chief Advisor to the king)

4. A new imaginary charcter interacting with all these characters

04-07-2017, 08:49 PM
It's really fascinating seeing not only where people are from, but also what they think would make a good game. Keep this coming, people! ;)

04-07-2017, 08:57 PM
It's really fascinating seeing not only where people are from, but also what they think would make a good game. Keep this coming, people! ;)

You won't believe how long I have waited for a moment to share this with western audience,
Currently I live in USA, the amount of misconceptions I see on indians as only bollywood stereotypes is alarming to me (We do make movies in other languages too)

We are a vast culture and even within the country still people dont appreciate the diversity, reason why there is a north south mental divide and linguistic disagreements

But this challenge in accepting/celebrating diversity is not unique to India alone

04-07-2017, 10:51 PM
Well my setting would be the Chola Empire of Southern India

Ubisoft, make this!

04-10-2017, 12:08 AM
I remember they were talking about India a long time ago. I hope they do it eventually. I think India and Persia would make amazing games.

Or China, or the Khan Mongol Empire. Japan's been wanted for a long time as well.