View Full Version : Connection Sucks even more than usual

04-05-2017, 02:23 AM
Anyone having problems today. I have been kicked from 8 out of 10 either trying to get in or once the game starts. I haven't had this many problems in days. I've seen about every error code that for honor has to offer. When in the hell is ubisoft going to listen to this community and fix the issues. I play on xbox1 and my internet is 110 down and 10 up with a 14 ms ping. I've tried everything i can and all other games i play have zero problems. Getting so old it hurts. Honestly as i write this i realize i'm wasting my time. Good luck for those who can actually play.

04-05-2017, 02:26 AM
Well, I wouldn't say it's worse than usual.
I've been disconnected about 10 of 14 games just this evening.