View Full Version : Need Berserker help.

04-04-2017, 09:00 PM
So, I'm not quite sure what the overall point of being a Berserker is. What the advantage is for picking this class.

I feel as though any time I hit the heavy, it opens up parry windows like crazy. Every time I go for a guard break, they have ample time to reactively break out of it. Against better opponents, the only attacks I land are single lights, and usually after a feint or two. Every now and then, I successfully include a feint into an armored jumping overhead. Maybe once in a whole set, I get a confirmed guard break on someone because they were just WAY caught with their pants down.

But I feel like I'm just tickling people to death with light connections. I'm not allowed to combo, and gb's are such a low success rate. And on top of it all, going on the offense IN GENERAL is a bad thing in this game.

I'm about to give this game up, but I wanted to see where this thread goes first. I like the Berserker, but playing him makes me feel like... what am I even doing here? There's literally nothing "berserk-like" about this whole game. Although maybe I'd like Peacekeeper more, but still. I want Ragnar Lothbrok to work, eh?

04-04-2017, 09:59 PM
Berserker is a rewarding class to be because of his speed and combos. I understand it's hard to combo against the experienced because it leaves you open to being parried. Also your dashing side light attacks become predictable, so use them when your dodging out of the way of an incoming attack and countering them in return, which also starts a combo chain.

My advice is practice deflecting, because it'll give you a free GB, then you can get a free side heavy attack and a light attack combo in and this also will start a combo chain. Change up the directions of your light attack to keep your opponents guessing during the GB combo.

I find that against some people you can combo lock them into place. After 4 consecutive strikes (light, heavy or heavy light) your attacks are uninterruptible and cost less stamina. For combos I recommend throwing in heavy attack feints because that's the attack they're likely to parry, once feinted try going to a GB to land your free side heavy and start up a new chain.

The whole point with any character is being unpredictable, and the Berserker can excel at that. Also don't be overly aggressive with your openings, because the experienced will do their best to stay out of your range and make you miss. Instead try to make them miss and pick your opening. I like dashing forward and waiting for them to attack, because most of the time when I dash forward that's what they're expecting and when that doesn't happen they'll usually try to attack instead, but be ready to GB counter if they grab first. Make use of your light attacks, they're quick and are hard to block/parry as long as you change up the direction of your attack.

I hope this helps, I'm not amazing with this character yet, he became my new main a week ago and I've had some amazing moments playing him. Doing free mode with a bot 0 is great for exploring your combo options.

I also have trouble against shield classes and Kensei. You'll have to come up with individual strategies against different classes, because there is not a single recipe that will work on everyone.