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04-04-2017, 02:00 AM
Are they EVER going to buff the raider or is he going to be the practical joke of the game? Badass name, badass weapon, badass beard. Swings like he's underwater, and doesn't have any tech other than an obvious-mega-captain-potassium-dragon-giga-oragasmic-ultra-slash that you would have to have a blood stream full of opiates to miss the parry on, and an overhead stun that sends him reeling on block like he slapped into a brick wall wearing nothing but a thong and a frown.

Seriously. He is considered the lowest tier toon for a reason. While the bulldog of the game, (Lawbringer who is deadly as hell, and can throw people around like The Mountain on cocaine) gets buffs passed out, the equivalent of a hulked up short bus gets passed over yet again.
Just let me know if Ubisoft ever plans on making the Raider... I don't know... viable anytime soon. I still love him, but he's like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Insanely strong, slow, and prone to kill puppies for like, no reason.

04-04-2017, 02:48 AM
The raider isn't as bad as most people say he is. Pretty much the only issue I have with him is that his range means that you'll only be close enough for a gb parry 50% or so of the time.

04-04-2017, 03:34 AM
Actually, Raider's bad... quite no way of denying it.

If there's a class in the current version of FH that can be defined as "limited," its got to be the Raider. If anything, everything about the moveset is straight-forward and obvious, practically no deception value at all, hardly any mindgames except for maybe abuse of the unlock-unblockable trickery. Other than that, the Raider's literally got nothing.

Now, granted, any player who is seasoned and experienced enough would still handle the Raider reasonably, since a solid-defensive strategy is the current meta of the game, but the problem is the same player will get probably twice, three times better results with some other class than the Raider. For example, any other class can bait an enemy attack with heavy-feints, parry the lured attack, get a freebie GB+heavy attack in. Nope, sorry, Raider can't do that. Parry, GB, maybe a light attack, and then try to get further results somehow.

When a Warden can force the opponent into the guessing game by simply using a light attack spam/unblockable charge/charge feint into a GB in the form of a button pushing skill, the Raider probably takes 10 times more effort to actually fool anyone into doing anything.

Of course, that's mostly for duels. In 4v4 Dominion, its a pretty weak class but still manageable since the game mode is more about objective-based gameplay, rather than flat-out 1v1 combat.

04-04-2017, 04:27 AM
I love the dirteh raider but he is definitely one of the more difficult classes to play. As people stated above going from raider to a top 5 character is a big difference.

Raider really needs to be able to get something off GB when not near a wall. All he gets is a light when classes like pk get solid punishs. He eeally needs quicker guard speed change as well.

The only advice I can give is learn your maximum punish for different situations. Practice the 80damage? punish on exhausted opponents.

Keep at it though mate. Raiders day will come. Just keep your PK handy if ya need to blow off some steam.

Heres a random vid from tru3 ta1ent hes one of the best raiders in the game and watching his vids helped me alot


04-04-2017, 04:58 AM
The Raider is in the same boat as the LB.

In the right hands and in the right situations they are good but NEVER great.

Pretty much every other hero has the ability to be great.

04-04-2017, 11:59 AM
The Raider is in the same boat as the LB.

In the right hands and in the right situations they are good but NEVER great.

Pretty much every other hero has the ability to be great.

true that

04-04-2017, 02:07 PM
I love the raider and have been maining him since release and will continue to do so! But yes he does need some love as others have said countless times he really just needs a heavy off GB and a faster guard stance change. Aside from that he is sitting in a pretty good spot the mix ups and mind games are a ton of fun and do a pretty good job of cracking the defense meta.

Raider for life ! Keep playing Dirteh!

04-04-2017, 02:38 PM
I love to play my raider, but I'm happy that I don't play at high level, because against a good and smart player he stands no chance. I believe people mostly lose to him because they never had to learn to effectively counter him. The answer to wreck any raider is simple:

Every move a raider does is a parry bait.

That's it. Keep that in your head, and the raider is done. He has NO way to actually hit a good opponent. If the opponent is smart, never takes risks on his attacks/parries and is carefull not to get out of stamina (easy: when low on stam, don't Attack and risk a parry), you have no chance. I faced a good opponent again in brawls today (100% parry on any heavies and ZA, ~50% parry on my light, he would cancel all his missed parries). I decided to stick to it and keep losing to see if I could find a way to win. I tried everything I could, mixing it up with feints, light whiffs to reach him the 2nd, pommels, everything... All easily defended.

The only thing can work is the ZA feint > GB (he can't defend it if he went for the parry), but that usually only nets you a light or side if you have a wall (yeah, can almost never do another ZA with all that feinting going on). Other than that, the only attacks I could get in was when I knew he was about to Attack and threw mine just before.

The only way I'd do good with my raider would be to get my skill up and to be able to parry most lights thrown at me (but that is out of my reach at my gameplay level). But then again, the opponent could do the same, and guess which lights are easier to parry? those of the raider :rolleyes:

PS: yeah, love to Watch tru3 playing, but it also shows that raider is in a poor state. He wins in that video, but his opponents are terrible. Like the nobushi, tru3 did two soft-feints pommel followed by a heavy... and the guy eated all 3. On the other hand, go watch his last tournament video, he got beaten 9-1 by a PK that was "only" good.