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04-03-2017, 11:43 PM
just, what is Ubisoft?

is it a company that is so big, so big that whatever they are producing now, there are always fan to support them. So big that whatever big titled games they are releasing, they do not care of keeping the titles / series big, because money keep coming in as they produce more, and if they do listen to their supporter, their effords is but small steps to get the game better, future of the game? nah.. not that much, but keep the money flowing inwards of course.

are they listening to fans? oh yeah they do, they 'selectively' listen to fans they want to hear, why? because for a developer that grand, they do not have a manpower to fix the game to that extend, but what can they do however, is to fix the game so that player can still keep playing, funding them endlessly. As if they care who supported them until now.

from a company this great and have been producing games since me as a kindergarten, all those years of game developing experiences are all poo. Ubisoft have been making all those fancy cinematics, all those fancy interactions that no other developer from other company can or decide to do. All of those experiences are gained to make CG awesomeness, in order to attract people of how awesome their talents are, and you should buy their games. multiplayer and gameplay wise? all they are is gaining income for their next game, and they have to produce rapidly, they have to milk every 3 - 5 months.

from now on every awesome trailer or gameplay trailer, whenever I see Ubisoft logo on it, it makes me to think twice, trice. Not because it looks awesome, but because how the developer teams are dedicated enough to surprise players with new game experiences or features.

from now on I will never get mislead-ed anymore, not from this notorious type of company and developers specifically.

04-04-2017, 12:26 AM
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