View Full Version : For christ sakes please fix matchmaking!!!

04-03-2017, 11:13 PM
Sick and tired of being put into the same matches with the same people over and over. Especially sucks during a duel with someone way better than yourself. Game has been out for over a month now and nothing with matchmaking has been addressed when the entire community is asking for a fix....

04-04-2017, 12:40 AM
We recently announced last week that we are investigating improvements to matchmaking in our Warrior's Den livestream. We don't have details yet because our team is primarily focusing on resolving player connectivity issues, but we hope to have more news soon.

04-04-2017, 01:04 AM
Duel, brawl, duel, brawl ...
It's no fix, but works for me at least. Brawl feels like a duel, and if i don't want to stick fighting to the same persons, i just switch modes. In fact it is a lot of people playing, so if you do it alternating, the chances that you see someone a second time are very slim.

04-04-2017, 01:13 AM
I honestly love the fact that I can fight against the same players. Ran into the salty peacekeeper that reported and gave me a 2 weeks communication ban, bested him again and he ragequit at the 3rd round as I was executing him warden. I told him I remembered him and he said sorry but still funny. :D