View Full Version : Dominion with gear disabled

04-03-2017, 10:37 PM
I know I'm not the only one that get frustrated about the matchmaking. You start a new character with no gear and you just get snowballed by people with max level gear who kills you in 2 hits. Sure I pulled off 2 full combos on that guy and he's at 3/4 health. He hits me 3 times and I'm dead. I attack a guy 2 times, he blocks 2 times: REVENGE. Whoaaaa, what is that? I think dominion is a fairly "fun" game mode but gear level and feats really breaks it when you don't have the gear the enemy team have. I don't want to go GRIND against AI, it's NOT supposed to be a prerequisite. Some people like grinding boring stuff over and over again but NOT me. Gear should have the option of being cosmetic only, I'm a fashionsoul kind of guy.

And what I mean by snowball. SCENARIO TIME. You start a battle with 108 gear vs you with 6 level gear. The opponent destroys you, gives him renown, he goes away and proceed to go 2v1 against your ally, level 10 gear. They desintegrate him, gives them renown. Now they get feats. Feats aren't balanced between each class very much. Who care about useless passives or small stamina drain feats? Everyone want longbow that drain 9/10 of someone's health of course! Well those guy who crushed you, they got it. Next encounter? Don't bother, they're gonna fire those 1 shot kills stuff at you straight away, giving them more renown.

Feats while on the game design board seems cool, but they actually give a bigger advantage to players who are already shredding you. It's just like in call of duty really. You are destroying your opponents???? HERE IS AN ATTACK HELICOPTER TO HELP YOU MOOOORE.

Having both mode with and without gear actived whould give more options to the players to choose from and feels less ripped off.

I'd like it, especially when I am playing new characters.