View Full Version : Why are AFKER's still not being punished

04-03-2017, 09:56 PM
Yea its my second installment. Yet again players that I have seen afking for a month and a half are Stll afking all day in matches without no punishments. Some are even advanced farmers like coming in and doing something around the end of the game or talking in chat like if he was a team player but not doing anything really funny man like. I've even had the displeasure of having the steady long term farmers come back and give me a reason why they do it and of course its the classic ****** response "oh I do it because I paid $60 for this game and ubisoft has taken my money away and I deserve it back" because the game is new and I cant understand the simple concept of it being new and still having its bugs that will eventually be fixed. These people give me aids but whats worst is the fact they after so long they still don't get banned. Last time I made a post a ubisoft employee responded to me saying he sent the information I talked about to the team that dealt with such people but I can't believe those words anymore. He said that the team tries to get the right players and identify them trying to figure out if he really was afking or just falsely reported but I would Like to say to ubisoft is.A PLAYER DOESN'T GET ACCIDENTALLY OR FALSELY REPORTED FOR A MONTH AND A HALF STRAIGHT..I wish I had a place to show them pictures or vids of them doing this and just speeding up the process but I cant do it on the forums because according to them its "against forum rules" so if there is such a place I would love to know. Lastly I'd like to say that I very much enjoy this game no matter what problems it has it truly is an amazing game and I have more than 500 hours on it but not everybody feels the same way I do and it might lead players away so I beg you ubisoft yall need to get your Sh*t together.