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04-03-2017, 09:15 PM
hey everyone, so while playing the campaign, i noticed alot of gear and ornaments not available on multiplayer. maybe in the future they will be added, maybe not, but i think they are very nice and the devs did a pretty good job. here is the link for all the pictures, and i'll write a list down here of everything i found, according to class and faction. EDIT: added the link for my reddit post because i'll have an easier time updating the list there. already did some updates with new stuff.



1. skull chestpiece
2.winged ornament
3.apollyon's armor set with engraved blade

1. Skull Shoulder
2.Skull Helmet
3. double pointed ornament

1.Peacekeeper helmet ( don't know how to describe it)

1. Lion Shoulders


---Warlord and raider, possibly all
1.double horned ornament ( found a raider and a warlord with this, maybe the others wear too, they were random enemies so hard to look again)

1. skull helmet

1.bear helm
2.golden helmet with wings
3. Wolf and spikes shoulder

1.spiked shoulders
2.Golden Ram shoulders

1. Golden winged helmet


---ALL heroes ( found examples of all of them)
1. one pointed white stripe ornament
2.two pointed white stripes ornaments

1.Butterfly helm and possibly ornament
2.Golden helmet

1.demon shoulders

1. Tozen's golden armor with golden ornament
2.Triple pointed golden ornament
3. seijuro's golden helmet with dual dragons golden ornament

1.flames helmet

Hope you all enjoyed. if i missed one, or accidentaly uploaded one already in multiplayer, please let me know.

06-23-2019, 01:58 PM
Is there even a slightest chance we can get Seijuro’s helm? Please ubisoft, you released Daubeny’s armor already. I cannot see why you won’t release Seijuro’s as his helmet is just an altered Fujin helmet.