View Full Version : Finally,i finish mine mission, start at the end of feb.: Read this;).

04-03-2017, 06:27 PM
after reaching rep.3 with 3 Viking heroes, began to use the other, but I noticed that the opponents had gear too strong, and we needed a good knowledge to fight them: so I began my mission: to bring the other heroes least rep1 one at a time, so as to learn to know them better (having at disposal 12 hours per week).
It is not a mission impossible, and it's really fun, in addition, each character has taught me something like patience, dodge, the value of the counter etc ...

The hardest for my style of play was the Warden, the easiest, and with whom I have not noticed big problems without knowing all its technical, was the Shoguki (a real demon).
I hope my mission is an inspiration for all those who love this game beyond the connection problems and much more.
Ps: next goal rep3 valkyria and campaign in a realistic mode;).


I apologize if the video is done with a bad graphics, but I did hurry XD; I also want to respond to an interview they did to one of the big boys of UBI, where among other things he said: "The game was developed for using 2/3 heroes ..."
SORRY SIR, but you're wrong, in this game you can learn to use all the heroes, of course there will be one in which you are more talented, but you can use ALL, just be patient :), So guys,enjoy and do not be angry ! !!!