View Full Version : Im really starting to wonder about the devs of this game

04-03-2017, 06:18 PM
IDk where to go so ill just rant. My playing experience is strictly limited to warlord raider and zerker so take that into account.

2v1, when one of the other players is the valkyrie - She has 2 knockdown attacks, while you are also trying to fight off other player... mine as well lay the controller down. Plus she can do it literally all day.

Duels vs nobushi oorochi and pk - 3 of the 4 fastest characters in the game. 2 have bleeds that do 2/3 the damage of my warlords gb heavy. Pk has the highest damage gb in the game while also being the fastest...lol. Nobushi has the range of a bow and arrow. Oorochi - i played some guy this weekend in duels as both warlord and zerker. As zerker went 3-5 with one win and 0-9 as warlord. All this guy did was turtle, lights and feint zone attacks so it was really hard to parry plus he was really good at gb counter. My best rounds as a warlord were just trading blows, yet he would still find ways to win. My zerker play is garbage compared to my warlords. Its like the devs didn't account for speed AT ALL and yet two of four get bleed, one gets highest damage from gb and all are fast as fuuu.

This weekend was the first time since the game came out that i played another game besides for honor, im kinda sick of all the cheap little gimmicks...finally.

Call me what you want about get gud, but i am

04-03-2017, 06:27 PM
Cliffs: IMO some characters are no risk yet really good. Im tired of some of these gimmicks while some characters have none. And i have little faith in the devs to get it right

04-04-2017, 02:40 AM
I don't even know why they buffed Valkyrie absolutely no one was asking for it, and still we wait for them to fix the brokenness of this game