View Full Version : When the experienced players are refusing to agree on nerfs...

04-02-2017, 08:44 PM
You know that's a death timer

When you have a player who has a gear score of 106 refusing to admit he has an advantage against the player who has a gear score of 20, you know this game wont last long. It only shows that the players who have grinded the game, agree that it's okay that they should get rewarded by having a big advantage. It means that if they can't admit that it's fact, they will never admit a class may be overpowered or underpowered

Look at the forum! Not one thread has a player agreeing a class or something is overpowered.

But the biggest culprit is Ubisoft. If you could not make matchmaking good when the game was fresh with 100,000's of active players at any given time, there is no way can you make the matchmaking more balance when the player count drop to 10,000. At that point, you are betting that most people have gotten used to the gear difference or people have grinded so the advantage are non existent,

04-02-2017, 09:40 PM
Most of this is wrong, sorry.

I'll admit all you like that 108 gear gives me an advantage over a level 1 with gear 0 all you like. I expect many others will be happy to do so. Form a queue people.

Who is this player who refuses to admit it? He sounds like an arse ;)

Matchmaking is at fault for putting these people together, and I think the vast majority of the forum userbase are unhappy with match making.

X class is Overpowered / Underpowered is the most common post on here, so I don't know what forum you are reading.

Is the problem that you're expecting 100% agreement on issues like this from all sides? Have you met many human beings? :rolleyes: