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04-02-2017, 06:32 PM
What I all been wondering about in a realist fast pace gameplay from "For Honor" is why aren't there armor breaking mechanics, body part damage, medical tents, weapon racks, armor racks and unrealistic spam attacks.

Let us start off with the being idea of armor breaking that is affected by weapons. For light attacks, heavy attacks have many impacts to the character when blocking them. Light attacks can easily deflect that makes perfect sense and heavy attacks stagger the opponent for a moment. What I propose is armor weakening. The zones of armor are the following: Green zones are your armor parts are in perfect condition without injuries. Yellow zones are parts of the body or armor that have been taking damage, but can still receive damage potentially weaker to attacks be can still deflect a portion of attacks. Red zones are in critical damage and on the brink breaking. Red zone armor can't take any more damage and will break on the next hit if it connects. Grey zones are no armor and will not protect against any attacks. Now, this will also affect how your body takes damage and therefore we will talk about body part damage.

Moving into body part damage after every heavy attack when block normal it causes stress to the arms. Just like previously about zones body parts should have some as well. Green, yellow, red, gray is going to be applied to the following: Once you block and attack depending on if it was a light attack or heavy your arms take some damage with light attacks they don't generate much stress to the arms, but still some impact. Heavy attacks put a massive impact on the arms and cause arms to hit the half of the green zone. After the next heavy attack, you drop down to yellow and slowly makes it harder for you to back. Now you can regain your strength in your arms by back off from the fight letting your stamina come back to your arms.
That leaves red and gray zones of body parts that make your arms, chest, and head potentially being cut off. Grey, of course, means you have lost that part of the body. Now how are we going to be back that body part, well medical tents every battlefield has one so why shouldn't "For honor”?

Medical Tents are going to be one of the key facts in this change because you need to regain some of your wounds or many stitches some limbs on like your arm or leg (Not your head sorry your dead). One of the new perks I been thinking to work with Medical Tents is called "Save a friend!" This will allow you to pick up your teammate with a speed buff to one of these medical tents so they can regain or regenerate some of their wounds. If the wounds are like a chop off arm or leg you can stitch it back, but won’t be as strong as a limb that wasn't chopped off. Now if someone has there both arms chop off, chest cut open and head chop off they can't be saved and must wait for the respawn timer.

The Armory which will store repair parts to fix your armor and weapons that have been broken. This can be changed by softcore or hardcore for an example, in soft-core you can repair the weapon or armor you have in the game with no problem. The timer of repair depends on the punishment your weapon and armor would have taken. From light damage being 3 secs to heavy damage being 6 sec or more depending what is the values that want to be set. If the repair time is higher than I would suggest a perk called "Get back out there!" This would help you repair faster so you can guess what, get back out in the battlefield.

Unrealistic spam attacks I believe is what every game has a problem with because for the receiver it annoying but the person doing the action it's fun until that receive the same punishment. What I propose is to make the game more realistic so you can stagger a person just not permanently and have a magmatic grab from any direction. Grabs should be only in front. stamina should take a big hit to the spammer, but that is just my opinion.

In conclusion, this overhaul would change armor breaking mechanics, body part damage, medical tents, weapon racks, armor racks and unrealistic spam attacks. To better help in the synchronization of gameplay. Not only in combat, but the way a person may fight in every in counter.

These are just my thoughts about an overhaul changes. Which doesn't seem easily attack all, but with time I believe this would help for honor in many ways to boost the spirit of the game and the player interaction with the game itself. You have already made a beautiful castle I just wish to fill in some of the spots to make it pristine.

People of For Honor what are you thoughts ?

04-02-2017, 06:36 PM
Develope this videogame and get my money. buy some servers please!

Call it - Honor - and there you go.