View Full Version : Revenge should only go to those who earn it in my opinion. I'll explain.

04-02-2017, 02:01 PM
My viewpoint is simple.

Those who do NOT deserve Revenge.

- If you get jumped and get smacked around and not block a single hit YOU GET NOTHING

- If you turtle up against a single opponent and never do anything but block YOU GET NOTHING

- If you walk into a fight and an enemy hits you TWICE.........YOU GET NOTHING

Basically you don't get revenge if all you do is play like a gun-shy little wuss.

Those who DESERVE revenge

- If you are holding your own and blocking EVERY attack by the enemies who jumped you then YOU DESERVE SOME REVENGE

- If you dive into a 3 v 1 to help your teammate out then you DESERVE SOME REVENGE

- If you are on a point and doing the best you can to hold off multiple attackers until your team arrives and you are giving as good as you are getting the you DESERVE SOME REVENGE

Basically all I am saying is in order to get revenge you should be DOING SOMETHING USEFUL. You should not be able to get hit twice and get revenge and you should not be able to turtle up and do literally NOTHING until you build up enough to get revenge.

It should be a give and take kind of system.