View Full Version : Current Law buffs will buff casual play but duels will still remain a pain.

04-01-2017, 11:51 PM
My thoughts:

While the parry changes are very welcome!, improving the damage and speed of his combos will mostly help out in 4v4 modes during teamfights. (which i thought was the opposite goal)

In a duel, you rarely get chains in,

-his slow guard switch speed is still going to be a huge burden on his counterattacks, since feints exist.

-Long arm is still easily dodged and punished, but at least now the risk and reward is a little better.

-he will still have a hard time initiating.

-I'm not 100% sure, but i think that a shove>light will still be too predictable to use. Depending on the speed of it though, it may be good pressure for people who don;t know how o dodge shove.

-The damage of the judge jury and executioner is very welcome.

-Ill have to see how his new wall throw game is.

I find it weird that their goal was to keep his teamfights the same and improve his dueling, Yet here they are doing the exact opposite.

04-02-2017, 01:23 AM
I have high hopes for it but that is a very good point. I find most standup fights I am able to hold my own but a lack of speed and damage more often than not makes the end difference so improvement to that is a very welcome change. However I am all to familiar with the speed of his guard change against faster classes while playing on console. I think this will help but there is certainly room for improvement.

04-02-2017, 02:00 PM
I am maining the Lawbro and he is also meant to land hits not that easy ... the buffs just reward you more when you actually land a hit and I am really fine with that!

With "Shove" you can easily get into an combo and skip the first nonbuffed chain attack ... the second attacks have been increased in speed and damage (more likely to hit) ... "Shove" and then "Long Arm" works very often even in the meta ... all counter attacks despite of AD MORTEM INUMICUS have been significantly been improved

I am really fine with the Lawbringer!