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04-01-2017, 11:06 PM
They should make a game where you start as a baby and make* Choices all through your life time, you start as a baby then go to primary, then secondary school, then you need to try get a job and much more.
You need to make Choices, for example if you want to cheat on your girlfriend or join the football team, these all lead to your destiny.
These decisions define your fate, for example it you choose to not join the team, you get bullied, your the school out cast, have depression and kill yourself or if you join the football team your the cool guy, everyone wants to be your friend, you can get anyone you want, you love your life, you have a chance to choose family or go pro, whatever you choose once again defines your fate.
You grow up, you started as a baby, but now your in your late 20s and you get married and have kids, and settle down, work to pay bills, but you can lose it all by your choices. You might not even choose to live the family life, you might leave your pregnant girlfriend and never see her again, there will be endless choices.

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