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04-01-2017, 04:42 PM
Listen guys your concept of a third person melee combat game set in the times of knights Vikings and samurai was a great idea and I think this game it could be awesome. The major issues that come with this game are known but I'm just sick and tired of all of it. One of the in game tips is that contracts are our main source of steel and with how the game is now I understand that fully with how the game is now and so I have tried to complete the bounty this morning for completing 2 pvp skirmish games. The first game I got into went ok, we lost but I just wanted to complete the matches. The next game I got into didn't go so well. I get in to a game where my team isn't even rep one and the other team is all 108 gear score rep 5 or higher. I knew we were going to loose but I stayed in the game anyway. After getting our asses kicked for most of the game we started to lag. The game loaded 3 times in a row stopping what everyone was doing because of stupid connectivity issues. After about 10 min of lag and me being the last alive I had come to terms with dying and just as they went to come kill me the game lagged us all out. I told myself "ok this is normal lets try this again", so I went into another game of skirmish still trying to complete this bounty. For the next 5 games I was put against teams of 108 gear score while I'm trying to play a champion I haven't played much before so I got destroyed every game. On top of that I lagged out at the end of each game I played. So to recap I was destroyed every game due to lvl 108s who get revenge in two hits, and lagged out of ever match I tried to play just because I'm trying to get the silver I need to lvl up my champions in the way the developers have made it possible. Ubisoft I get it, you guys tried to appeal to us by increasing the silver gain but the problem is who cares if I cant even complete matches to get the silver you increased. You guys had maintenance on Tuesday morning on Xbox which only made things go crazy the rest of the day, to which you responded with an emergency maintenance for an hour that fixed absolutely nothing. This game is nothing compared to rainbow six siege. Siege may have had some issues and bad ones with lagging out of ranked games but not like this. I cant even complete a challenge that you say is the main source of silver because I lag out of every game I play. I just cant take it anymore and neither can the rest of the community. I think I speak for all of us when I say the matchmaking needs to be fixed and I know I speak for everyone when I say the lag outs and connectivity NEED to be FIXED!! If the game forces me to play the most lvled up champ instead of letting me chose new ones to play just to be evenly matched with other players and have a chance against them, then what's the point of playing if I'm not having fun with it, it forces you to play against the AI just to have a fair matchup. And finally how do us expect us to play your game when all we do is lag out of every other game we play and cant even finish the bounties given to us because of it. Ubisoft you need to do something about these issues or your going to loose your entire fan base due to stupid issues like this so please listen to us and figure out how to fix these things and fast because were all sick and tired of the BS!

EDIT: I watched the warriors den after posting this outlining what the next patch will entail and it sounds promising but if the server problem isn't sorted out with the next patch then it will have been for nothing because we cant even stay in a game to test the new patch

04-01-2017, 04:45 PM
Paragraphs pls. I'm not even going to try and read that.