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04-01-2017, 03:12 PM

For those unaware, during the filming of the movie there was another Modern Day Assassin - Lara - whom existed in certain versions of the script. The role was played by Octavia Selena Alexandru, but unfortunately she was eventually cut from the movie. The majority of her deleted scenes can be seen on the home release of the movie.

The character holds great interest to me, and even though she was cut its interesting to look at what was happening with her character. I suppose this opens a separate question as to the validity of whether she is considered canon to the franchise still, but I'll leave that discussion to another day.

Anyway, lets get into it.


Her first appearance is in the canteen. Shortly after Callum meets the 'other' Assassins and experiences his first Bleeding Effect hallucination of Aguilar, Lara sits down at the same table with both a large book and a paper fortune teller. Offering it to Callum, he picks a colour from the fortune teller to which she opens the paper to reveal the same image as that of his mother's pendant. After a brief confrontation, where she leg sweeps Callum down to the ground, she reveals that "he" is teaching him before they are both pulled away by Abstergo guards.

A brief scene with Sofia and Alan Rikkin after this reveals that the two of them both have a strange affection for Lara, with them both evidently wanting to keep Callum away from her.


Later whilst Callum reflects in his cell, Lara sits doodling into her book outside the glass window. They both look at each other, and whilst they both touch the glass - a brief flashback to both Maria and Aguilar is shown. Lara is thus revealed to be a descendant of Maria.


A further scene between Lara and Sofia reveals that she "remembers him". Its not clear whether she means Callum or Aguilar, but one would suspects the latter. She laments that the images make up her memories, and she questions what will happen when they 'take the images away from her'. Assuming this is a reference to the Bleeding Effect, or that she does not like leaving the Animus...


In the later stages of the movie, she originally escaped along with the other Assassins, and shared a brief scene with Callum in a cafe. Here again she uses a paper fortune teller, this time revealing the apple that he would later leave in Rikkin's hand. She also opens up her book to him, revealing a very detailed schematic of a hidden blade - very similar to that shown within Altair's Codex. Lara would later re-appear in an Assassin hood in the final scene of the movie, jumping off the roof with the others.


Within the Behind The Scenes videos, Director Justin Kurzel and Editor Christopher Tellefsen discuss the character of Lara and cite that they had too many characters already, and that she did not bring much to the story. I am inclined to disagree with this, if anything she was far more interesting a character than some of the other Assassins - for example Lin didn't even have a single line of dialogue, and yet she was retained.


Here we had a character with a clear link to the historical sections, as she drew images of Maria and Aguilar in her book. There's even an argument that she was taking on a kind of oracle role, as she was evidently foretelling events - a bit obvious with the not so subtle imagery of the paper fortune tellers. There was a lot of potential for this character for any potential sequel, and may even have played a larger role in the Brotherhood herself. Eagle Vision/Sense has been shown to offer precognition, therefore this was simply an extension of existing lore that could have been very interesting to run with. Not to mention that Callum himself also appeared to be drawing images from Aguilar's life within his prison cell - way before he sat in an Animus.

Finally, there's also been further suggestions that she is actually Callum's daughter. There is not a lot of evidence of this, but her age fits. As would Rikkin's apparent favouritism towards her, if Callum could not reveal the Apple's location perhaps she could. Or maybe Lara was even the one that helped track him down with her abilities?

It also kind of looks like she wrote the word "Dad" on the glass to Callum's cell. (Albeit smudged somewhat.)


What did you think of the character of Lara? Was her deletion warranted? Would you like to see her return - perhaps in a movie sequel, game or TV series?

04-01-2017, 04:09 PM
I do think one of the problems with the movie was that they sort of failed to develop the characters enough for me to get invested (like Lin as u say). So I can see why they tried to do something about it in editing. But I have to agree with u that this seems like a much more interesting character/interactions than those left in the movie.

I haven't got the DVD so I haven't seen the scenes mind you.

BTW why did Abstergo allow Callum to interact with th other prisoners? I mean he was their only link to the apple and they had sold him on this "research violence"-thing. So why let him eat among the other assassins?

04-01-2017, 04:35 PM
Was going to do a post on this myself. Should've known you'd get here first as always :P I'm quite annoyed she was cut. They're reasoning that they had too many characters makes it even worse, because it's not like those characters were even flehed out. Lara in these scenes was more fleshed out than the characters that were ii the film.

Anyway for those of you that would rather watch the scenes rather than read about them, they are here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BK3keYJzgA) and the director's discussion is here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqmX9DDL2DQ).

04-02-2017, 09:53 AM
Must... Recist... Watching videos... On Youtube before buying the movie.

But in all serious I am happy she got cut if I read all this, while she is a way more interesting character than Lin in my eyes it feels kinda sick in my eyes to let a child who is a descendant from Maria a character I remind you that loved Aguilar to stay around with Callum.
The Bleeding Effect might let them fall in love with each other and see is so freaking young and Call is 38? I don't know when he was born so.
They had way to many characters. It should be Callum, Lin/Lara with a different role and Moussa in the present with in the Past Aguilar, Maria and their Mentor

04-04-2017, 06:58 PM
Thank you, Sorrosyss. You proved that you pay attention and reading your comments (even with such a tangled and little information about the real contribution of Lara's character) means a lot to me.
For sure, yet with just a few images barely revealed, with the confusing and the unexpected cold-shouldered comments of the Editor Christopher Tellefsen when discussing the character of Lara (and cite ''that they had too many characters already, and that she did not bring much to the story.'') and then your open-minded thoughts: ''I am inclined to disagree with this...", by far you are one of the finest observers. Thank you.