View Full Version : Can we please a gear free Dominion mode?

04-01-2017, 02:37 AM
Getting tired of being paired up with AFKers on my team with 108 gear and Prestige 10+ heroes, but have no idea how to play the game. I keep getting ridiculously unskilled players with high gear scores because they AFK for the gear, but never learn how to play properly.

On top of that you get the people who barely know how to play so they stack revenge gear and attack damage and then rely on the gear to do all the work. Meanwhile those of us who are playing legitimately and NOT cheating have inferior gear so even 1v1 we are at a disadvantage in terms of stats.

Its not fair to those of us actually trying to get their gear legitimately and level their characters properly.

Not asking for much here. Just give us a 4v4 dominion with the gear scores turned off. Then at the very least players would win based on skill and not whatever stat they have stacked.

04-01-2017, 06:18 AM
i think a ranked mode with no gear, is better

04-01-2017, 08:08 AM
i think a ranked mode with no gear, is better

I think this would work a lot better. I say that only because if you open up a new, gearless mode for "casual" play, it'll take away from the already dwindling player base across more game modes.

Maybe a ranked, no gear mixup. 4v4 Elimination, skirmish, and dominion all rolled into one matchmaker, and likewise for duels and brawls.