View Full Version : Suggestions for reworking revenge

03-31-2017, 02:38 PM
The issue I see revolves around the effects of revenge. You get an automatic parry on activation that has an added knockdown effect, all attacks become uninterruptible, you do more damage while taking less, have a hp shield, and all throws or bashes knock the opponent down. In essence, you get the combined effects of four feats instantly and then some.

This is overwhelmingly powerful in a 1v1 situation and in some cases, straight out broken. In a 4v4 game mode, it often doesn't meet the purpose of its design. In a 4v4 scenario, base revenge (a minimal gear rating) runs out quickly enough that often I only get one strike or more often get interrupted to the point of getting no benefit at all. In a 1v1, the extra health and uninterruptible state allow me to 'trade' blows without consequence. When looking at classes with a bash attack, the additional knockdown effect allows an opponent to be locked into a cycle of bonus damage to knockdown as the bash animation will typically run into the animation lock of standing up.

I believe the intent was to allow for a change in momentum for fights in which an aggressive, quick player has locked his opponent into a defensive position or multiple opponents have done the same. I believe the following modifications would bring its effect more in line with the intent.
1. Remove the hp shield and increase the defense bonus instead so there are still lasting consequences for trading hits
2. Reduce the damage bonus or remove it completely (I know this wont actually happen since you've tied gear stats to it)
3. Remove the knockdown effect on bashes and grabs (on the initial activation it would need testing to see)
4. Add the effect of preventing stunlock by causing bashes and grabs to fail without leaving the attacker open to counter

I think these would allow for a shift in momentum without making the player activating revenge too powerful.

Some additional ideas that would require extensive balance testing:
5. Make only the light attacks uninterruptible
6. Make all heavy attacks slow but unblockable, regardless of class (similar to Raiders ZA)
7. During revenge make all characters able to infinitely chain light attacks (these would still be dodgeable and parryable)
8. At the end of revenge duration, immediately exhaust the character that activated revenge