View Full Version : AC Unity: Boost rewards and actions

03-31-2017, 11:49 AM
So this question goes to anyone who completed all the actions and rewards in AC: Unity

There are certain boost actions in this game. For example 1 Melee Boost: "Buy a Melee Boost to unlock one as a free Reward" and "Buy 4 Melee Boosts to unlock one as a free Reward"
My question here is if I buy 4 melee boosts does this also count towards the achievemnet of buying 1 melee boost or do I have to buy 4 boosts and then 1 boost seperately??
And does the action "Buy any 10 Boosts to unlock one of each kind as a free Reward" count towards the "1 melee boost" and "4 meelee boosts" too or not?
Does anyone know?