View Full Version : Feedback for your game and site

03-30-2017, 08:49 PM
Hello Ubisoft,

you Suck again! All of your ****ing developers and community managers need an extra round in communication, developing and writing.
Because all of your last games are **** as hell. **** matchmaking, **** network code, **** balancing and no communications to the community.

I didnt get steel for a win.
Game crashes all 3-4 games.
Network crash in every 5th game
matchmaking from hell, its absolutly the worst and mother****ing system ive seen so far.
No communication to the community.
Nobody writing or saying something to the critics.
You give us patches with 4 things in the changelog, 3 new items and skins, and 1 error fix. Congratulation, you know where priorities are.... NOT!
Seems legit to get more stuff that doesnt work for all the people there left in your game and cant do anything with it, because game is not working well.
Motivation crashed after some matches with this ****ing matchmaking. Its not funny to fight against 3 guys with item level 100+ with a team of 4 guys with ~20.

But, ive a solution for all of this **** from you. I go to my couch and play horizon zero dawn, or uncharted, or rocket league, or battlefield, all of this ****ing games are better then your game from hell with 1000 bugs!

Hey, its ok, i never buy a game from you again, get to hell, all of your ****ing company. You deserve it.