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03-30-2017, 04:19 PM
Hey guys, after about 90 hours of playtime in For Honor here's my honest review!

As stated in the title, i play with a PS4 Controller via Steam BP.

Im too tired to call out every single crash/bug or whatsoever, so thats basically what defines my gameplay:

-When i open the Chat via the "T"-Button on my keyboard, my game automatically stops reacting and i get that annoying Windows sound whenever i press any button. I can't leave the chat/game (since it's not responding), so i basically have to crash the game here. Thats why chatting is basically dead for me anyways.

-I switched my Controller-Options via Steam Big Picture, since there is no ingame settings for your Controller settings. (Is this coming? Just feels like... It's missing?)
I can't have access to Quick Chat, since there is no option to set Quick Chat to any Button on Steam Big Picture. (So no "GG's to anyone, I'm sorry.)

-> I can't communicate via chat/quick chat at all, because I am using the Controller. (The problem is the same for XBOX cntrl, if you want to change your button assignment)

-When i leave a game lobby after the match too fast, the game freezes and i need to crash it.

-When im in a private party and the group leader is starting a game, there's a good chance my screen becomes full black, sounds are there, match starts but i have no visuals. So it's time to crash the game again.

-When i finished a match, i can't use my controller in the menu anymore, i need to coordinate the menu via mouse/keyboard. (This is because my guard mode and ingame- settings are overwriting the menu-settings in steam BP. So the game basically thinks im still in a match/guard mode)

-Sometimes after i crashed the game, my controller won't work like it's intended: Half of the buttons wont work, half of them are giving the wrong input.

-Sometimes after i crashed the game, the controller settings on Steam BP are restoring to default, so i need to go through the whole setting-process + calibration again.

It's roughly 2-4 games i can play (1v1/2v2), before i get one of the above problems, which ends in crashing the process via task-manager. (I also need to restart Steam for the Controller.
For 4v4 its - when im lucky - 2 games i can play before i need to crash in the 3rd one (feels bad mid-game, thats why i just play duels tbh).

I'd say 20% of my game time is compensating bugs (means: task manager: restart steam: restart 4 honor: reset controller settings)

It actually feels like a really,really,really early pre-alpha version to be honest. Am i the only one playing with controller on a computer? Because since there's no attempt to fix those bugs, im not sure if im the only one (+ a friend of mine) having these problems.

Best wishes!

05-21-2018, 11:05 PM
Lmao a year now and no reply, ubi support/10, im having the same issues now and ive done a full reset both through steam and my pc uninstalled steam and did a factory reset of my pc and its still crashes idk if it the season 6 update or steams fault but im struggling to fix this and have done everything possible, since its been a year have you figured out how to fix it?