View Full Version : (DEV) Looking For Good Players ESL/GO4/EU

03-30-2017, 03:55 PM
Hello Gamer,
About the clan
Devastation Online was formed in 2004 as a Battlifield 1942 Clan. With over 10 years since the start Devastation Online is now a gaming community for mature gamers who looking for social gameplay with a gentleman behavior.
we are looking for new players for our Team.
Must have:
-Perfect communication and discipline in TS.
-Perfect teamplay / tactic and gameplay understanding.
-No crying by dead and hard matches.
-Gaming Level at least 90/100.
-No looking to personal stats.
-Team loyalty.
-Can take jokes and have fun in causal games.

Preferred option:
-Age +19.
-Know-How in played with competition teams.
-Playing in Rainbow Six Team.

Our target is to reach the Top 15 Ladder and would be a hard opponent for top teams.
If you think you are the person we're referring to, than add Leader-Boy