View Full Version : Please UBI please!

03-29-2017, 07:45 PM
UBI, PLEASE give us the ability to turn-off "Quick Chat Displays" and "Emote Sound Effects"! The many issues impacting the playability/fun of For Honor are annoying enough without having to deal with the spamming of in-game features.

I really don't understand why you facilitate in-game "griefing" without the option to turn it off in the first place. We are free to turn-off all sounds or turn-off the game and play something else if we find it annoying enough to not want to tolerate during our recreational time, but an option to not see or hear these things IF WE CHOOSE is much preferable to not playing your game.

I'm not saying to take anything away from those of a maturity level where these abuses somehow add to their enjoyment of the game; the spammers could leave these features on and play with each other however they want, but please give us the ability to turn-off these often-annoying features if we so choose!

EDIT: PS: you can vote "yes" on this one and still be an "ignorant plick"; the two are not exclusive of one another...