View Full Version : Connection and Matchmaking

03-29-2017, 03:27 PM
I have a yellow Nat type and NEVER find a game befor the last searching option " all player skill levels"
I just wonder, wether everybody has this ?

03-29-2017, 03:32 PM
Green NAT. I can't find a game before the skill setting switches to "all player skill levels" too.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the enemy team is always OP against mine, sometimes my team is OP, and other times I even manage to get a well balanced match.

03-29-2017, 04:14 PM
I can only get a Your Region/<other> game at 6pm when I get in from work. After that forget it. Even at weekends its VERY rare to get a Your Region/<other> but a few weeks ago it was all my region games so dunno whats happened

Green NAT

03-29-2017, 04:14 PM
Green NAT and the same prob ?... sad

03-29-2017, 04:52 PM
It's so hard to search. Nobody with your skill level, and also it must be players with good connection. Some people leave the game, some don't want to buy it. (Reason: High price, Disconnects).

Just look this online now and february.

I have a Green NAT, and every time, it finding the game only with all regions and all skill levels. During the beta test, the search was faster, also in my region.