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03-29-2017, 02:54 AM
I've been asking thoses things since closed beta,I comfirmed my ID to jump on UBi's forum only for this purpose to help develop the game.Im now a prestige 18.Does it matter ? yes in a certain way if you take in consideration the prestige i had in both beta release.
While maybe you don't need my help it is actually your DEVS who has been *** whiped in last Warden's den livestream.Since no **** has been given to anything i had to say.

You did a good job buff/nerf certain aspect .There was very small things you had to fix to make this game the ''greatest''. Why my opinion didn't matter at all since ? I have post several thread asking those simple fix ''off'' battle things fixed.I don't speak english , so does the developpers...

-Stop letting dead people talk with lives one.
-After a match , in lobby. Stop letting people being able to either ; talk , votemap or deploy assets.YOU HAVE TO READY UP FIRST.
-Stop showing prestige level in brawl or duels.Gears looking talk a lot by itselfs.
-2 missing map since 3 weeks NOW !!
-Some Infinite chains have to go . Im not saying nerf anything or buff anything.It is your job to find what.
-Party up with friends on pc is a nightmare due to current game status,Did any DEVS ever played multiplayer games before ?with friends ??
-Parry is just too highly rewarded.Deflect is highly rewarded and that is ok !
-What am I suppose to do with 100 000 in dismantles ?
I don't think those things need a 2g patch. It is simple fixes , i don't know anything about programming , but this is defenitly feasable and quick.
Why did you made such a good game inside a beeHives ??At first It look like the best fighting game in the world but no one is able to access it due to poor system performances ?

People come on UBI's forum and complain a lot about a lot of unnesscary things(they probably just got *** whiped in deadmatch and they come here to cool down), don't wait for the silence of the majority.When there will be no one left to play the silence will speak be itself.