View Full Version : AC Damascus Poor District Madrasah

03-28-2017, 11:02 PM
I was doing a challenge where I was supposed to complete the first AC while minimizing the use of map, completely turning off HUD, listening to NPCs etc. I talked to the Rafiq of Damascus to start Tamir's assassinaton, and he pointed me to three locations: small souk to north east. madrasah to east and gardens to north. I easily found the small souk and the gardens, but I couldn't find the madrasah. I mean, I found those various buildings that stood out of the regular ones in the east, but none of them had a pickpocket, eavesdropping or interrogation mission close enough for me to conclude "yep, that's the madrasah". I ended up completing all investigation missions and not knowing which one was the one at madrasah. So where is said madrasah located? Can anyone point it on a map?