View Full Version : Why the hell wouldn't the faction war always end on a sunday or saturday

03-28-2017, 07:47 PM
The faction war ended at 11 am for me. Most of us have jobs and other life priorities so staying up all night like a college kid is not an option. WHY THE HELL would YOU UBISOFT!!! decide to end the season on a week day, it almost blows my mind...but this is UBI. I was anable to play for the final 2.5 rounds, so i was useless for my faction. When i stopped playing, the map was pretty even. Then the samurai win with 29 or 24 territories!?

If you don't think the faction war season should end on a weekend every single time, u r a moron. People who live in different time zones have a much bigger say in who wins and losses, and that should not be the case. If the season ends on a weekend, time zone factors are *almost completely irrelevant.

03-28-2017, 09:32 PM
even though the faction war is irrelevant considering everyone gets free packs, making the last day on a weekend would make more sense