View Full Version : Slippery

03-28-2017, 11:39 AM
Has anyone ever used this feat? It's a level 4 feat on the Raider and I don't know if any other hero gets it. For a short amount of time you can not be grabbed. I know I could probably test it myself with some patience but it's a level 4 feat and that doesn't happen all the time in game then I have to be up against a grabber.

My big questions is what is the animation for failing a Guard Break if someone is using Slippery? Do they stumble backwards like when both fighters try to GB at the same time allowing you an opportunity to get a heavy in? Do they just whiff the GB? How long does it last and what is its cool down? Anybody know or use this?

I never gave this feat a second thought till all these GB spammers. Now I'm seriously considering but want TO know if it gives me any attack opportunities or just makes GB miss.

Sorry for all the questions. Is there an easy way to test things your self? I've never used bot practice but if you go far enough into Bot Practice do you unlock all feats?