View Full Version : Matchmaking needs to be changed!

03-28-2017, 12:52 AM
Ok so I've noticed recently since the game has been out for a while that most people have there main champ or champs at Rep 10 or at least past 5 with a gear score of 108. The main problem I'm having right now is trying to play a fair match. I have gotten so sick of the amount of people that have gear scores of 108 and get revenge in literally 2 or 3 hits against them. For anyone trying to play different champions its impossible to have a good fair and fun time on any game mode that involved gear score because you will just fight against people that have insane gear and will destroy you in a couple of hits if not because of the revenge that saves them. I understand that gear score is a main part of the game mechanics and I'm not saying get rid of it, I'm trying to use this as a way to say we need to change the way matchmaking works. I think that the game should match you based on overall rep level of all your champions (shown in the top left of main menu). this will allow the game to match you with people of your skill level or at least the same experience level. additionally I think that you should have to pick the champion you want to play before you start searching for players. this will allow the game to match you with people playing with the same or close to the same gear score as you and have the champions at the same reputation as each other. both these changes would make matchmaking so much better because then for those trying to play new champions they wont get absolutely wrecked by people with 108 gear scores. I really hope this can be implemented or at least something to the effect that matchmaking will become more balanced because right now its impossible to complete challenges in pvp when the entire enemy team is gear score 108 and I'm trying to play new champs or have a whole team trying out new champions. its makes you want to give up the match and stay dead as long as possible or just let the enemy kill you because there is no way of killing them unless you get lucky enough to get an environment kill which no one likes doing anyway. the game just has no good matchmaking right now and its always a one sided battle. comment what you guys think could be changed to make this matchmaking better and I wish everyone luck in the next 17 hrs for the end of the round.