View Full Version : 2 solutions to fix revenge.

03-27-2017, 08:00 PM
Ok guys... this is getting riddiculous.

I've just completed a dominion match, a regular one except one peculiarity - a warlord.

We've met at A, only 2 of us, so the duel started. I was defeating him easily, he hit me once I think. And when his HP was close to 0 (i don't remember, 2 bars or so? flashing red), he popped his revenge. And started the headbutt dance.

I mean... what the heck. As a kensei, I could not stand up in time to escape this bloody spam. He was just constantly headbutting me so my character fell to the ground, giving him enough time to attack me on ground and then headbutt again. Obviously, as his stats were probably focused on revenge attack, gain and blade damage 2-3 of his attacks were enough to kill me. As seen later and by my other teammates, this was his only recipe for victory. It was noobish, but well, it gave him a victory.

The question is, should a game with such deep mechanics as FH allow this kind of ********? There is literally no satisfaction - you know that you are better than your enemy, but you just can't escape the spam (I don't know, maybe if I played an assassin I would get up in time, but no way as my main - kensei). Apart from warlord, also conqueror, warden and lawbringer have this spam potential (lawbringer can shut you down with his tipping over the shoulder, but its not the case here).

So my proposition to finally fix this is:

1. Stop revenge from proccing in 1v1 - this is absolutely ridiculous to even be the case when this system is so overpowered (1 heavy and 1 light attack can kill a full HP vanguard during revenge popped)
2. Stop attacks in revenge to trip over and cause u to fall. That will prevent the lame tactics of spam.

I don't think revenge should be removed - it is a very useful tool when you are outnumbered. But the scale of overuse is just terrifying as of right now.