View Full Version : [PS4][CO-OP][Black Screen][Replica][Must fix with DLC01]

03-27-2017, 08:46 AM
A black screen is generated for the joined player if the host immediately enters matchmaking after leaving an already finished match.

Platform: PlayStation 4 (although it requires testing on all)
Issue Type: Black Screen
Severity: 1
Probability: 2
Repro Rate: 3/5

The black screen occurs under the following conditions: P1 hosts a session and P2 joins (where P stands for player). P1 hosts any match along with P2. Once the match is over, P1 (the host) quits to main menu and IMMEDIATELY starts another match. P2 (the replica) will be in a black screen for the duration of the session, whether the match starts or even ends, until restarting the game.

1. In order to avoid the issue, give it a couple of seconds after leaving a match to main menu before starting another one.
2. If P2 signals the black screen occurrence in time, it is possible to restore to normal if P1 backs out of the matchmaking.

Please, take into consideration this issue by testing and fixing it so that the players base may have a better gaming experience at the end of the day. I appreciate!