View Full Version : Is there any possible chance to get the newer characters and some content any earlier

03-27-2017, 12:40 AM
I just finished maxing out my reputation 4 raider to have 108 armor, with him are my Rep 5 Valkyrie and Rep 5 Berserker. I also have a rep 3 peace keeper, rep 1 conqueror and rep 1 orochi, as well as a rep 3 warlord. I unlocked all other characters and tried to give them a chance but to me the samarai just aren't that fun to play, the same goes for the knights. They're all just about maxed out in gear from all the matches and orders Ive done but I dont feel its such a big deal for the 108 armor. I got the season pass and have put out $200 into the game from looking at my receipts (never spent so much on a game since world of warcraft) but so far its all been so very repetitive and with the missing maps, its getting exhausting playing the same 2 maps in dominion over and over again, I'm lucky to get the bridge map at times same goes for skirmish at times. Would just be nice to have newer characters to work with as well as some other challenges or content, but so far I'm just about at a stopping point. Anyhow just thought I'd post this to see if any others were having the same thoughts.

03-27-2017, 01:04 AM
Unfortunately, we cannot release new characters and maps earlier than we planned. When this season of the Faction War ends, you can expect the new content to arrive.

As for the missing maps, the team is still working hard on fixing them. We thank all the players who created custom matches to test the maps on Friday and we hope to use that data to fix and get those maps back to everyone as soon as possible.

03-27-2017, 04:47 AM
Can't play any new maps because players never stay in lobbies, either they ragequit, get disconnected, or just leave after the game ends because they don't want to get their asses handed to them again and when every 4v4 gamemode clearly has a 4 man of 108 vs a bunch of randoms, it's just not enjoyable. Before everyone partied up to compensate for their lack of skill lobbies were filled with randoms and maybe a 2man so after the match ended if everyone stayed in, the game will swap players so the badass orochi who carried your team is now your enemy and friends become enemies and enemies become allies. I liked that concept and it lets you play with everyone in the lobby so one side isn't stomping too hard, but now its play 1 game, leave and you play Citadel Gate forever.