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03-26-2017, 02:10 PM
I know why it's on so players can't swing freely without hurting their team mates but. OMG I'll be in 1v3 doing fine I'm winning I've killed 2 of them I'm on little health for my team to be like brain fart hits me and kills me or even worse hits me making me stagger and the enemy kills me really annoying. Worst thing is everyone know there team damage on but, they swing willy nelly 90% of my deaths are my team mates hitting me making me stagger there for i get a axe to the face and die or they hit me and i die.

I don't mind my team helping me but for the love of god watch where your swing your sword, it's really bad on xbox they do it without thinking you message them there just like get over it just like WHAT MATE.

03-26-2017, 02:36 PM
Yeah, it is really annoying, but I have to admit, that I see the situation getting better with each week. In the alpha and betas this was a nightmare, similiarly in the first weeks after the release.

But now I see that other players usually know how to position themselves and even match the stances to attack from different angles, so be patient! I think it will be only better.

03-26-2017, 02:41 PM
communicate with your team

maybe add people as friends who have shown that they can handle situations like this and invite them to all of the matches

not so much a game mechanics problem as it is a player skill problem

03-26-2017, 03:03 PM
When you hit a team mate, YOU take the damage.