View Full Version : Lawbringer vs. Shugoki

03-26-2017, 10:17 AM
Anyone else feel like there is something really broken here, especially in duels?

I main lawbringer and when I'm doing duels and I get Shugoki as an opponent I know that its going to be insanely hard to win. I am a good lawbringer and no how to use my character, however against the Shugoki if I don't guard break scum the hell out of the Shugoki I will lose simply because his hyper armor and ability to shrug off longarms, shoves and get a free hit because hyper armor absorbs the first hit he is able to just smash my *** no matter what I do. Given his insanely high damage he is able to melt the lawbringer because he hard counters most of the Lawbringer's moveset with hyper armor. I cant think of any other character in the game that is an absolute hard counter to anyone in the game like Shugoki is the the Lawbringer. Am I missing something here or is the Shugoki just plain broken in duel/brawl.

03-26-2017, 10:36 AM
I feel you, I have the same problem. Fast characters like the Orochi that can get two hits in quick succession can usually fight the Shugoki, but the Lawbringer can't attack that rapidly. The best tactic I've come up with so far is to simple feint-to-GB or Light Riposte the "PUS" of them, then start pushing them. However, even then the match can quickly end because his "PUS" can replenish in the middle of my combo.

For example, here:


Yeah, good game.
He was bad, yet won because his "PUS" replenished at the right moment, giving him a free Demon's Embrace, I even saw it coming, yet couldn't dodge it because of the damn stagger.

Oh, and if you're up against a Shugoki that can parry, well... might just stand next to a ledge and let him throw you off, you'll have to have 10x his skill to even stand a chance against him.