View Full Version : Fix the connection issues already

03-25-2017, 08:22 PM
Seriously, the connection type and overall way Ubisoft has this lined up is complete horse ****. It is by far the most ridiculous connection I've ever experienced in any game I've ever played. That doesn't go without saying though that I really enjoy the overall experiences I've had with For Honor. Good graphics, smooth fighting style once the right hero is found for your playing style, and it is competitive for the most part. People with AI fighting on their team are screwed, however. The team balancing is so opposite of what it should be. Alright here we go it's 3 ranked 5 heros with max armor and a rank 4 against 4 lvl 9 players with no rank? I know that most people ***** on here and right now I'm doing my fair share of *****ing. This is the 2nd time I have ever got on the forum to complain. The first time was in regard to the same issue and while many people responded to it, no Ubisoft employee or rep has ever offered up any explanation just generalized statements in other conversations. "We're working on this issue" is getting very stale at this point. Like you guys have IT Gump set up the network, seriously? In general I'm not a picky person and wouldn't be so negative with how I feel about theses issues but their beyond ridiculous. Ubisoft, you guys have loyal fans and ppl who love your games and I am one of them. How long are we gonna be kicked when ppl get mad and quit. I spend around 60 percent of the time starting over. Play 2 hrs get about 35 mins of actual game time. The patch doesn't seem to b helping in my experience so far. Although it may be helping others I am not sure. Could we please get a somewhat decent connection? I'm not asking for perfection as that's impossible but at least close to consistent. As of right now its consistently inconsistent, for me anyway.