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03-24-2017, 09:16 PM
Note: I've been able to beat the game solo using this build and with careful management of my AI team as well as reinforcements.


Loadouts will vary by personal preference...however....ALL GUNS SHOULD BE SUPPRESSED. my preferred loadout is as follows:

5.7 USG pistol:this is the best all around silenced pistol in the game and can quickly dispatch up to groups of 3 enemies if your aim is decent. You will be primarily using your pistol and your sniper...while your assault rifle is your backup if things go badly.
laser 3Dot ,
extended mag - 30 rounds

MSR sniper- while some prefer the HTI...the MSG does almost as much damage and has greater penetration than the HTI...and is more accurate. When attacking vehicles...like convoys...remove the suppressor...the suppressor reduces penetration. This isn't the quietest sniper in the game...but it's close. In harder areas, its the most forgiving with the best aim and can 1 shot about non-boss infantry.
T5Xi Scope
Extended Mag
Long Barrel

Assault Rifle
M4A1: While this gun isn't the best at anything...it's so versatile that it's a great "Oh Sh1t" fallback weapon when things go badly. With good aim you can drop about anything....including helos with the M203. Also...I believe with a suppressor...it's one of the most silent assault rifles in the game.
PK-As Scope
Semi-Aut/Burst-3 Trigger
50 Round Mag
M203 GL
Laser 3Dot
Long Barrel

Arriving At the Target:

1. On the way to the site...best practice is to park at least 300 meters away if you see sniper towers when arriving. This is also true of helos. This prevents unnecessary engagements...especially since some guards patrol outside whatever compound you're assaulting. In some missions being sited right when you land fails the mission.

2. Park away from roads...nothing makes a stealth op go bad quicker than being spotted by a SB cartel car or a Unidad patrol...when dealing with unidad helos...lay prone til they leave.

3. If playing solo...put your squad in a safe position and tell them to hold...I can't tell you how many times my stealth missions have been given away by some idiot squad mate deciding to crouch next to an enemy. Get Gud AI.

4. If the drone gets jammed...move 350 meters away from the site and then deploy the drone...if upgraded you can usually scope out your approach...and a fully upgraded drone here is key. IF not...use your binoculars. Sometimes Thermal is good for noticing targets...but other than that I found it of minimal use. Look for alarms...generators...and drone jammers...mortars...and SAM sites if you plan on leaving via stolen Helo.

5. Locate as many targets as you can before you engage. Patrol paths of guards can vary...and in later areas, some even patrol to sniper towers and can potentially find dead bodies you kill there.

6. Plan your entry and exit...there is almost always a back door into a base...use it when you can.

While At the Target:]

1. Use your diversion lures to lure guards out of paths to silently take them down without anyone finding the body. You can also sneak up behind guards...grab them...then drag them away to someplace private to incapacitate them.

2. Use your Done noisemaker...drags lots of guards away from areas you need to sneak by...also distracts people who are about to locate you, so you can sneak away.

3. Use your Sync Shot...you can drop up to 4 targets simultaneously by syncing shots...maxing this should be one of the first things you do...especially if solo.

4. If your AI tardmates cannot get a good bead on your target...get out your drone and have them switch positions to a better site line.

5. Kill Alarms with a sniper rifle. However, make sure guards aren't standing near the base of it...or they will hear it and flip out.

6. If you're hunted...immediately move from your current location...the guards will immediately go there first. switch positions and have your squad switch as well...then hide and wait for things to settle down...once they do...kill the reinforcements silently.

7. Unidad doesn't need alarm towers to summon reinforcements...best to disengage and wait for the patrol alert to die down.


Stable Aim
Hipfire Spread
Adv Suppressor

Night Vision

Binocular Zoom
Diversion Lure
Bincoular Recon
Flare Gun

Quiet Running

Extra Sync Shot

03-25-2017, 12:26 AM
Thanks for sharing your strats/tips!

Hopefully a new Ghost can use some of these in the field !

03-25-2017, 01:01 AM
It's definitely newbie type information, but I've found going silent is a lot easier than going loud...except for convoys.

03-25-2017, 02:02 AM
Yeah convoy missions can be a stealth player's nightmare lol

I'd suggest some tactically placed mines if you are able to get far enough ahead to prep the trap, that's the closest to a "clean" convoy takedown I've gotten.

03-26-2017, 10:03 AM
Yep...that's what I do...then hide and take down 2nd car...than hopefully my team has EMP'd the convoy car and killed the driver....easy peasy.