View Full Version : Can't find games

03-24-2017, 03:58 PM
I live in Australia which doesn't matter because when i search it says region: all-region once it 1am to 2am AEDT it say high activity but you can't find anything at all it's just like um okay.

When it hits 12am AEDT no point even trying because you get slapped with 5 error codes at once.

Something else that pissing in my soda the game will start say you have been kicked for inactivity, how can i be kicked if i have 15 kills and i'm running around like a killing machine also been getting kicked for this when your in loading screen, looking at what everyone picked my friends will be running around playing i get kicked for not moving IT'S A BIT HARD TO PLAY WHEN YOUR STILL IN THE LOADING SCREEN. if i get banned for being afk when i'm going to cover the game in strawberry jam and send it to you people.

I play on the xbox one.