View Full Version : Connection.

03-23-2017, 05:08 PM
I don't know if they try to fix it but when the update went live played 5 games everyone got disconnected i was in a game by myself with bots 6 times in a row i don't like this new update DOM can't hold a steady connection.

03-23-2017, 05:19 PM
+1 here, too. The last 4 games I've been in have dropped me out without even a pause after a few minutes of play.

"Improved stability" indeed.

03-23-2017, 06:38 PM
I think there is an improvement...just slightly
In the last couple days I dced in 8/10 games, barely finish 3 contract order + 2 daily order in 4 hours (which usually take about 2 hours)
After the patch, it reduce to 6/10 games...