View Full Version : Come Join KoG Purge and be part of something!

03-23-2017, 02:49 AM
We are all here for one purpose and that purpose is to find other people to game with! That is after all what the online gaming experience was meant for, to build friendships and game with those we wouldn't otherwise knew existed, well that is until now. :)

My name is Chronos, my Gamer Tag is KoG Chronos XS I am a leader in a gaming community called Xiled Gaming. A gaming community with over 40K members strong and every day growing, why? Well simple, we are all the same. We are all looking to find others to game with and others to talk with to better our online gaming experience. I am seeking other individuals who are looking to be involved, looking to be a part of something and maybe some day themselves continue to help KoG/Xiled Gaming to grow and branch off in their own clan among many within the community. However most of all what I am looking for is those looking to have fun! I pride my section within the community on our ability to have fun and I am looking for those who are not only respectful but also share the want to enjoy themselves as they game.

So whats the catch?

Really there's no real catch just some basic rules and guidelines that pretty much every legit community you come across will uphold. In short? Don't be a Jerk. There is an honor code which is the rules of the community that go more in depth about what these rules are and I am more than happy to explain this all to you personally (I'm anything but shy!) . There are a couple things however that must be mentioned, KoG is for those 16 and up, no exceptions sadly to join. Not 16 and up yet? Still add me on the box I don't mind gaming with you still and heck maybe when you reach that age you can join then, I don't mind making new friends! You don't have to be a pro at For Honor! That's right while I do have some pretty tough guys to beat you yourself don't need to be a pro to enjoy the benefits of KoG!

What are the benefits?
How about a community that offers tons of people to game with! Who are actively seeking you and wanting you on their team!
Contests with custom prizes (banners/signatures) and even cash/video game merch prizes!
A community that cares! We build friendships here that last!

There is no costs and yes I am real feel free to message me invite me to your party and so forth! I look forward to gaming with you!

And remember, at the end of the day it is after all a game.