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03-22-2017, 11:51 PM
Ok i've been posting on these forums since closed Alpha and i haven't seen any improvements, NONE. I'm honestly beginning to question everyone's intelligence. I'll try to simplify it even more. Ok GUARD BREAK COUNTER DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. Don't try to convince me otherwise, it simply DOES NOT WORK properly. Is that clear enough for you? And i'm not a bad player, i play this game a LOT. Feel free to check out my Youtube videos. At this point the game is broken. Plain and simple, it is broken.
Now to make the game fair, you need to INCREASE the reaction time to COUNTER GUARD BREAK, its that simple. You CAN'T HAVE reaction time based on hitting the button at the right time, it works on duels but in a Dominion match, the connection and lag factor just make it almost impossible to counter. All i have to do to go 20-0 is spam the GUARD BREAK. Plain and simple and the people that don't agree are the noobs who need it to win. Also the Warlord throw is ridiculous , any idiot in real life would simply side step out of it. So yeah, at this time, the game is RIDICULOUSLY broken. The reason no one sees it is because they haven't played the game as much as i have. Also theres the stupid unblockables that everyone spams, AGAIN , in a duel you might be able to dodge them IF you hit the button at the right time, BUT IN DOMINION, it very rarely works. So you also need to remove the stupid mechanics of hitting the button at the right time. I want to dodge when i press dodge , i want the game to feel realistic, the game IS NOT realistic. I'm just wasting my time because you all think this works because it worked on Tekken or Street fighter or Mortal Kombat, BUT this is totally different, theres LAG, most of the time you have to spam a simple dodge command for the characters to actually dodge. Its all because you have to hit the button at the right time and with lag it doesn't work. It just doesn't work. IT DOES NOT WORK. It works in duels very rarely, but NOT in lag central psn lol. Again i'm not crying, my kd is really good. Feel free to check out my Youtube videos, theyre actually older videos, im better now. My Youtube is Carlos Castanheiro. Now please remove the stupid mechanics to hit the button at the right time or at least increase the time to counter, im lightning fast and i very rarely counter the guard break. Everyones complaining, the solution is what i keep telling you. I hope you see reason. I love the game and i love Ubisoft but i feel like my characters a ****** most of the time. Its my opinion and i play this game more than most people, just go see my stats. This the last time i'm even going to bother posting because you never listen. In 2 years when you actually patch i'll return and say ' TOLD YOU' lol, just kidding. Hope this helped. Peace.

03-23-2017, 12:05 AM
I'm honestly beginning to question everyone's intelligence. I'll try to simplify it even more. Ok GUARD BREAK COUNTER DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. Don't try to convince me otherwise, it simply DOES NOT WORK properly.

I'm starting to question your intelligence. What's the point of posting on the forums if you're flat out rejecting discussion in your opening statement? What are you hoping to achieve? Or are you just looking for other like minded souls to gather round as you sacrifice another single paragraph diatribe to the rant gods? I feel as though this whole thing is missing an /s at the end.

Well, you're not the boss of me! From where i'm sitting, guard break and counter guard break are working fine, and I play dominion almost exclusively. The counter timing window is generous as hell compared to what it was just after launch, and I rarely feel as though i've missed a window due to a technical issue; it's usually either me not being ready for it, or getting hit by it from multiple players, or just being outplayed.

Hope this helped. Peace

This statement is at odds with the tone of everything else above it, lol.

03-23-2017, 12:09 AM
I don't know what game you play .I counter 50% of guardbreak and i get counter let say 40%. It took me a lot of time to learn to counter it.I really tought i will never be able to counter it.
It more like you know and recognize when it coming so you are ready to counter it.If they nerf/tweak it just a bit .Guardbreak will be broken and its not gonna work at all everyone will be able to counter it each time with a finger in the nose.

And you know how I counter it ? i won't lie , i tap the button 3 time ,It work please believe me.I also play as long as you and it work for me .And i am definitly not the best player around !

03-23-2017, 12:10 AM
Punctuation and proper formatting would help you a lot when you're trying to make a case or convince someone to see your side of an issue. A giant bukkake of run on sentences and capitalized words do nothing for your argument and make your post hard to read.

03-23-2017, 06:04 AM
Not sure how counter guardbreak is on consoles but on PC its ez pz (controller or m+kb). Only way to counter guardbreak me is from a very good feint, and this goes for just about every one else i see on pc, very hard to land a gb there.