View Full Version : New Training Option

03-22-2017, 05:39 PM
Is it just me or would anyone like to be able to benefit from the option to select a move from the moveset menu and have it not only display the move but also tell you whether your to early or to late executing the maneuver? For example I'm trying to master the Orochi's deflect ability executing it 10 consecutive times in practice. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't and when it doesn't I have no idea why. Obviously I'm either to early or to late maybe I pushed the wrong direction ever so slightly I don't know but that feature would be nice to let you know. The same could be said for the Peacekeeper's triple stab, that was frustrating as hell to try to time.

It would be nice in the practice mode if you could trade out different heroes on the fly to train against to learn their attack timing for specific moves. Instead of having to quite, load the menu, choose new options, reload the fight, and go back to it.