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03-22-2017, 01:51 PM
Hey guys,
I am looking to find a group to run missions with and then when PVP comes out, run that as well. My core group of friends convinced me to buy this game and then they all got tied of it and moved back to The Division which I have all but put down for now.

I know some look at stats, mine are not great but I had a rough start but I have greatly improved. I am 38, eastern time zone and can play some days but mostly evenings starting in the range of 7-9pm after work. All I ask is that the team I am running with have mics, speak english and they want to have fun while also using tactics. I run extreme mode but with HUD/Markers on at this point.

I also play other games but this is my primary right now, I have the season pass and plan on playing for quite some time.

03-22-2017, 04:57 PM
We are Dad's of Wildlands

Welcome to the Dads of Wildlands Gaming Community, The largest gaming community focused on dads, and the premier hub for all things dad related!
We are a community set up originally by dads with little time to game, and wanted to be a part of something more. The Dads of Wildlands Gaming Community prides itself on its three key pillars:

The Dads of Wildlands isn’t about pressure or competition or kd/r’s but more specifically about how you want to enjoy your precious game time with the people you want to enjoy it with. There is a real sense of family within the community which separates it away from the others making it a unique place to come to.

You don't need to be a dad or male to join us.


You Can also add me as a Friend if you don't want to join the task force (PSN Cool-Caution) On most nights from 8pm GMT onwards.