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03-21-2017, 06:24 PM
I play this game since it came out and I am absolutley sure that this game could make it to an E-Sports level, but not with this many bug/glitch. Since the last patch I have faced 8 plyers who uses these glitches to win.
First, there is the guard break cancel bug. Apperently you can start a guard break and then cancel it to any kind of attack, you just have to do it quickly. It is all ready hard to people some times to counter a normal guard break and you have to be quick to counter it. This thing just makes the game to do this ****ty glitch over and over again there will be no skill in this game. Cause if he goes for a guard break cancel to an attack you think he is going for a guard break and you try to counter it but he attacks you and you are dead. Or you just go for a guard break and you wait for the attack to come but he just guard breaks you and get a free heavy.
Second there is the light attack cancel bug. Light attacks are all ready hard to parry some times and if there is this thing then it is just a game killer. A very good duelist all ready knows that the only way to win duels if you parry an enemy light if every one uses this glitch again takes the skill out of the game and makes it a 50-50 chance game.
Third soft feints. There is all ready a feint button and there is this bug. You just have to press any kind of attack from another direction where you start an attack and you confuse the enemy. There is all ready a feint combo for that which is all ready gets people confused.
Some people say that you just need good reflexes they only say this because they use it and not faced against it.
Another excuse I heared from people "You can't get only deffensive people to open if you don't use these" Here is my reasonable answer.: If there is some one who only blocks and not attacking then he is a troll. You can't do anything against trolls. Maybe Ubisoft could get a button to report players for trolling. And if a Conq or Warlord does this only defend thing with their full stance they can only do it while they have stamina so there is that.
Please Ubisoft I hope you fix these bugs. I really enjoyed the game from the release till this patch. Since this patch so many people use these glitches for their advantage to win. Please let me enjoy this game for far more days.

03-21-2017, 06:25 PM
If it was any other dev than Ubisoft, then yes, it could be e-sportsing all over the place. But it's never gonna happen.

03-21-2017, 06:31 PM
this game is going to be on esport level but he need a fix.