View Full Version : [PS4] [TMPG] is looking for adult tactical players!

03-20-2017, 10:18 PM
Hello everyone!

Picture this: You are done playing solo, and you want to go into MP and have some fun... but no, in the public sessions you only find "run 'n gun" players, childs/teenagers shouting into the mic "BOOM HEADSHOT" (you know who im talking about. *whispers* the same people that play a certain type of game where you do 360 no scope thingies ;) ...), who not only annoys you, but they make your statistics go as low as humanly possible. So I had a little idea one afternoon: why not make a task force for mature people, who are tactical and play realistically, not taking into account time zone so whenever a member logs in and sees another task force member online they could squad up and have a fun time toghether, sharing the same gameplay style? And BLAM. I created this task force.

My name is Matt and I'm the leader of Tactical Mature Pro Gaming (TMPG) and we're currently recruiting! If you are having trouble finding tactical/stealth players, stop looking. As long as you abide our rules you are more than welcome to stay & recommend us to your friends! The idea of this task force is, to put it simply, knowing that if you find any of your task force partners, you are going to enjoy an unique tactical experience, where everyone follows the same tenents of respect, teamwork, and tactical/stealthy gameplay.

Language: English
Age Group: 18+
Communication: Mics mandatory
Difficulty: EXTREME
Gameplay Style: Tactical / Stealth

Then send us over your application, or add me as a friend in PSN (username: mkohlmaier).

We don't care your timezone, we want to make it global so whenever a member of this task force logs in and sees another member online they would know that they play the same way, so both of them can have fun.

Please read the rules before sending the application please.

Hit us up at https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-GB/task-force/profile/45890/TacticalMatureProGaming

Kind regards to all,
Matt (user: mkohlmaier)